TV units need not simply serve a purpose. In fact, as the focal point of your living room, your TV stand should showcase your interior style. But just how do you go about styling it? From simple accessorising to feature wall art, we’ve put together some simple tips to bring style to your TV unit. Before you begin, set your style with a chic TV unit and shop our in stock furniture to create a sophisticated living room set.

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3 Simple Ways to Style Your TV Unit

When it comes to the question of how to style your TV unit, there really is no right or wrong. It should reflect your interior style, without impeding on its purpose: to house your television set and media items. If you're not sure where to begin (and haven't found the inspiration you were looking for on Pintrest), check out 3 simple ways to style your TV unit below.

Tip #1: Keep Things Simple

What can you put on a TV stand bedsides a TV? The answer is simple: anything you like! Just make sure that whatever you do place on your TV unit doesn't obscure your view of the television or distract the eye.


While you may want to hide electronic items such as games consoles and DVD players in drawers or cabinets, there are other items that can be used as display pieces on your TV unit.

Not only for the bookshelf, books are great for TV units. Like you would put decorative books on a coffee table, books can be placed on a TV unit to showcase some of your favourites or a particular interest. If there's room on the surface, try stacking 2 or 3 one beneath the other. Place a vase or ornament on top to add height.

Candle Holders

Small accessory items such as candles holders, boxes and ornaments also look great on TV units. If there's enough space, arrange different sized items in threes. Alternatively, opt for a single item for a minimalist look. Pick up colours found around the rest of the room to tie in with your interior scheme.

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Tip #2: Create Symmetry

What should be on each side of a TV? If you have a large media console with plenty of additional surface space, create a symmetrical look by styling a pair of items either side of your television set.

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Table Lamps

Frame your TV with a pair of table lamps to create a smart and sophisticated look, while also adding warm light to a space. For best effect, choose tall lamps that align with the height of your television. Lamps with shades will also minimise glare reflecting onto the screen. If you have a smaller TV unit, you can achieve a similar effect by placing floor lamps at either side of you TV unit instead.


Instead of lighting, why not try flowers? For low maintenance, choose artificial flowers that you can swap in and out of vases with the season. Or opt for smaller potted arrangements.

Tall Ornaments

Be it a tall vase, candlestick or a ginger jar, tall ornaments add height and draw attention. If you've got plenty of space, try adding one larger and one smaller item to either side of your TV unit for a stylish contemporary look. Matching items in pairs also look great too.

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Tip #3: Ditch the Telly

Some TV stands need not hold a television set at all. In fact, we're seeing more and more interior designers using TV and media units as substitutes for sideboards and consoles in their schemes. Due to their low proportions, TV units can be used to create a casual and open look in a space. Meanwhile, an array of cabinets and drawers provide plenty of storage for all sorts of homeware and media items. But, how do you decorate a TV stand without a TV?

Wall Art

If you're using a media unit without a TV, you can draw attention to the wall behind with wall decor - much like you would a console table. Whether it's an iconic art print, a mirror or a large statement wall clock, this space is certain to draw attention. Beneath, create a display of the surface with home accessories and items as suggested above.


If you just can't decide on wall art but have more home accessories you'd like to display, create additional space with shelving. A round or geometric wall shelf draws attention with minimal styling, while standard straight shelving requires a little more creativity. To add height and a touch of greenery to your decor, drape trailing plants from wall shelves.

How to Style a TV Unit

Whatever the size of your TV stand, there are always ways to add interior flair. Whether that's decorating the surface with home decor, styling lamps to either side or making a feature of the wall behind, ensure that your TV unit is a beautiful as the rest of your home.

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