If you’re looking for stylish Italian furniture in luxurious shades of delectably luscious lacquers, look no further than our newest designer brand.

ALF Italia design and develop a range of luxury Italian furniture for dining, living and bedroom. Each piece is individually applied with six sleek layers of lacquer for an ultra high-gloss finish like no other. What’s more, every piece of ALF furniture is 100% designed, drafted and developed in Italy, characterised by an authentic European charm that you just can’t quite get enough of.

ALF-Italia-Designer-Italian-Furniture-Brand-FocusPictured: ALF Italia Heritage Collection

Designer Italian Furniture

Made in Italy

Based in the Treviso province of Northern Italy, ALF Italia have been producing enchanting furniture pieces since the 1950s. This third-generation family run business are forerunners in Italian furniture innovation, quality and creativity. Time honoured skill and thought are put into every furniture design, aiming to offer a selection of highly engineered modular systems that are balanced in both beauty and function.

Ultra High-Gloss Lacquer

Following careful acquisition of the finest raw materials, ALF Italia furniture begins with a core of real organic timber veneer, stained in a selection of velvet finishes to accentuate the grain and visual texture. Once the veneers have been stitched together and heat-sealed, the lacquer process begins. The veneer is sprayed with lacquer in a specially made airtight container to prevent dust and impurities invading the glossed surface. It is then methodically buffed as an extra measure to smoothen ripples. This tried and tested process is then repeated five times to ensure a crisp and perfect finish before one last coating of smooth polyester lacquer is applied. The surface is then dried under UV light to ensure an ultra high-gloss surface, providing one of the strongest and cleanest finishes available for lacquered furniture.

Outstanding Quality

Stunning in form, ALF Italia strive to develop furniture that is as functional as it is beautiful. Their six-layer lacquer process ensures that each surface is applied with a slick shine that is highly resistant to clouding or dulling over time. This provides a crisp and clear finish that accentuates the natural textures of the oak veneer beneath in a far deeper and brighter effect. This specially curated process requires careful craftsmanship and makes ALF Italia furniture extremely durable and resistant to chemicals and alcohol. So, you won’t have to worry about spillages tarnishing the look and quality of its sleek surface.