With restrictions on weddings now easing across the country and the height of summer on the horizon, this year’s wedding season is set to be one of the busiest yet! And with last year’s list of postponed events, we’re sure you’re as enthusiastic as we are to enjoy long-awaited celebrations with close friends and family. Find luxury wedding presents to mark the occasion with our helpful wedding gift guide below.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Gift

Luxury Wedding Presents Vs. Money & Vouchers

Unless the couple have specified a gift list or presents of a particular nature, it can be difficult to know where to start when selecting an appropriate wedding gift. Yes, you could just give them money or a voucher but that is an easy option! Plus, if it’s a couple you are particularly close to, it's much more special to give them something unforgettable that they will treasure and reminisce about in years to come. However, unless you’ve got a particular idea in mind, choosing the perfect wedding gift can be tricky. That’s why we’ve put together this helpful guide.

What Are Appropriate Wedding Gifts?

Consider Your Relationship To the Couple

Often, thinking about your relationship with the couple will give you an indication of what will make an appropriate wedding gift. If it’s a distant relation that you only see on special occasions, it's likely that you may not know their likes and dislikes in the same way that you would a close friend. In this instance, giving money or a voucher as a wedding gift is probably the safest bet. However, if it’s a couple you know well, it will mean more to you (and to them) to give something memorable to mark the occasion.

Luxury & Affordable Wedding Presents

If you're in need of some inspiration, we’ve put together a selection of luxury wedding present ideas below. However, we know that people often have very different budgets. That's why we've pinpointed a selection of beautiful gifts at a range of price points. Shop our essential pieces for more affordable wedding gifts that they're sure to love. Or buy them something extra special with our luxury wedding presents.

tableware gifts

Beautiful Tableware

A Traditional Wedding Gift

Tableware as a wedding gift is perfect for not only its practicality but also historically. In times gone by, many newlyweds would purchase or be given a special set of wedding crockery. Although this traditional wedding gift isn't always at the top of the list in the modern day, tableware still makes a wonderful wedding gift. Especially for newly married couples who may not own a home of their own or live together.

From Charming Wooden Fruit Bowls to Designer Dishes

Basic essentials like plates, bowls, saucepans and fruit bowls make wonderful presents for these couples who will appreciate having these key pieces for their home. For something extra special, choose an item that they might use on an occasion rather than day to day. A beautifully decorated plate by a luxury brand like Versace or a set of glass decanters are sure to become display pieces of their kitchen or dining space, as well as something extra special they can treasure for years to come.

Essential Tableware Gifts...

Luxury Tableware Gifts...

luxury wedding gifts for brides

Wedding Gifts for Brides

From Beautiful Vases to Designer Jewellery Boxes

If you're looking for a unique wedding gift for a bride, then it's likely that you know her well. You should be able to select a suitable present based on shared interests or a memory. You may, however, just be looking for something special to give to a bride rather than simply money or a voucher. There are a number of beautiful options to choose from that she's certain to love, from vases to candle holders. Jewellery and trinket boxes also make wonderful wedding gifts for brides as they offer a special place to put items from their day, such as jewellery, hairpins and keepsakes.

Essential Wedding Presents For Brides...

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wedding picture frames

Wedding Picture Frames

To Create Their Own Heirlooms

Everyone knows that a photography is a huge part of a wedding day - from candid shots on a guest's smart phone to professional photographs taken to document the day. That's why photo frames make wonderful wedding gifts. Once the wedding day has gone by, the newlywed couple can use it to display cherished photos of their special day, creating their own heirloom.

From Gold & Silver Frames to Smart Designer Alternatives

There are a variety of picture frame styles on the market at a range of price points. For a wedding, we'd suggest choosing something smart with gold, silver, black or white tones. But really any beautiful photo frame will work as a present. Parlane offer a beautiful selection of affordable frames that are perfect for those on a tighter budget. Alternatively, brands such as Jonathan Charles offer stunning photo frames made from materials such as mother of pearl that will make a truly luxurious wedding present. If a photo frame doesn't quite fit your gift criteria, why not buy them a photo album instead?

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wedding blankets and cushions

Cushions & Blankets

From Staple Soft Furnishings to Sumptuous Designer Blankets

Cushions and throw blankets are a great idea for a wedding gift. Whether it's a throw for a bed, a handmade cushion for an accent chair or a cosy blanket to snuggle up in by the fire pit, these gifts are super stylish and have a range of uses. If you are confident that you know their style, choose cushions or a blanket that you are certain they'll love. Alternatively, spend a little bit more and buy them a high-quality, super soft faux fur throw like this one by Eichholtz as a luxury wedding present to mark the occasion.

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wedding gifts for groom

Wedding Gifts for Grooms

From Handsome Mantel Clocks to Designer Glass Decanters

There are a range of wonderful wedding gifts for grooms. If you know them well, you may have something specific in mind already. But if you're reading this gift guide, it's likely that you are looking for wedding gift inspiration! Glassware is a good starting point, whether it's something simple like a stylish set of vodka glasses or a wine carafe. LSA offer a selection of stylish, affordable drinkware. However, if you're looking for something extra special, designer decanters like this one by Jonathan Charles comes in an ornate storage box. For the groom, don't underestimate gifting home decor too. A beautiful clock from the likes of Libra or an unusual ornament by Authentic Models provide unique ideas for luxury wedding presents.

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serveware gifts

Stylish Serveware

From Simple Serving Trays to Designer Drinks Trolleys

Like tableware, serving items such as trays are certain to go down well as a wedding gift. Not just useful, serveware is on the market in a range of high-end and unique designs too. A tray will look beautiful on their coffee table, console or dining table and a range of beautiful designs can be bought for as little as £25. Alternatively, you could take your wedding gifting a step further and buy them a drinks trolley. Select a sophisticated affordable trolley from Pavilion Chic or look to designer brands like Eichholtz for the essence of luxury.

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