You've decided on an interior style, chosen a paint colour and picked out the furniture. Next, it's time to select your home accessories. While furniture and room colours are key components of interior design, home decor mustn't be underestimated. From cushions and rugs to ornaments and lighting - home accessories make a space feel homely and lived-in, as well as a reflection of your unique, personal style.

Wall Art For Every Home

Whatever Your Style

In this blog post, we're honing in on one particular home accessory: wall art. Beautiful wall decor is integral to interior style. Better still, this adaptable home accessory can be styled in a number of ways. An individual art piece can be used to bring balance and interest to an otherwise empty wall space. Meanwhile, multiple pieces can be collated together to create a statement gallery wall. Whether your style is minimalist, modern, high-end or traditional, your artwork likes (and dislikes) are entirely subjective and unique to your personal preferences. We've got hundreds of wall art pieces to shop over on our website. But before you explore the range, read on as we highlight 8 wall art ideas to add beauty and individual style to your home, including a few of our most popular UK-based artists from our selection of Pavilion Art.

Louise Luton Art featuring 'Archie' highland cow and 'Hugo' elephant
Pictured (left to right): 'Archie' by Louise Luton & 'Hugo' by Louise Luton

Louise Luton Art

Expressive & Colourful Animal Portraits

Based in Salisbury in the southwest of England, Louise Luton creates captivating animal portraits. Her artwork prints are defined by her ability to capture the characteristics and majesty of wild animals – such as elephants and giraffes – as well as woodland animals – including stags and highland cows. She brings them to life through flourishes of energetic colour and fluid brushstrokes. A Louise Luton print will make a beautiful wall decor piece wherever it is placed, adding a characterful, friendly face to a room.

Luxury Wall Art

Chic Artwork with Underlying Shades of Black & Gold

What one person classes as luxury wall art may vary to another. It is dependant on what you define as luxurious. From an interior design perspective, a luxury interior is synonymous with seamless finishes, imposing neutral tones and chic design. For this reason, we're looking to abstract and iconic artwork with underlying tones of black, neutral and hints of gold. Whatever your colour scheme, make wall art an integral part of the space by tying the colours in with furniture and other finishes in the room to create a sleek and high-end feel.

Wall with a pair of minimalist line art framed prints
Pictured (left to right): Physique Line Drawing Framed Print & Wem Line Drawing Framed Art

Minimalist Line Art Prints

Simple Artwork for Contemporary Homes

While simplistic, line art prints speak volumes in modern, minimalist spaces. They are also a beautiful wall decor idea for this year’s popular Japandi trend. Characterised by neutral colours, line drawing artwork is highly abstract, working from a restrained palette. Some designs are made up of one single swirling line while other line drawings depict the echo of facial features or a body physique for a chic space.

Sam Toft prints 'Together Always' and 'Until the End of Time' in a neutral home with mid-century furniture
Pictured (left to right): 'Together Always' by Sam Toft & 'Until the End of Time' by Sam Toft

Sam Toft Art Prints

Fun Prints Following the Life of Mr Mustard

The artwork of Brighton-based artist, Sam Toft, tells the story of Mr Mustard through a range of colourful and textural mixed media. These framed and limited edition prints have a gentle colour palette to match a range of home styles. If you’re familiar with Sam’s work already, you’ll easily recognise the familiar stature of Mr Mustard, cycling in the countryside or wandering along the beachfront, often accompanied by his wife, Violet, and dog, Doris. Sam Toft’s art prints are beautiful wall decor pieces for any room of the home. Each reveals a new excerpt in Mr Mustard’s story and is titled with a unique name chosen by the inspirations of the artist.

Geometric Wall Art

Angular & Straight-Lined Artwork for Modern Settings

Popular in modern interior design, geometric wall art is simple and abstract. These designs have an underlying minimalist style, creating balance in a space with straight lines and angular patterning. For less drama, softer, curved designs can be selected to suit a more contemporary space. Geometric wall decor makes an impressive feature on its own, but is also a great addition to a gallery wall. It can be used to segment and draw attention to family photographs, while also picking up colours used in the other gallery frames to create a sense of flow and connection.

Debbie Boon 'Fox in Dappled Sunlight' framed print on a neutral panelled wall
Pictured: Fox in Dappled Sunlight by Debbie Boon

Debbie Boon Art

Realistic Animal Portraits in Bold Acrylics

Norfolk-based artist, Debbie Boon, has quite the portfolio. Her work graces the walls of numerous boutique hotels and signature restaurants. Sitting elegantly alongside both traditional and contemporary settings, Debbie Boon’s framed prints capture animals and wildlife in exquisite detail that make magnificent stand-alone features on any wall space. The vivid colours come from heavy-bodied acrylic paints, bringing movement and energy to each piece. Not to be mistaken for photography, Debbie’s artwork is certain to become the highlight a room, making it perfect for placement above mantelpieces and headboards.

Tropical & Botanical Wall Art

Step Aside Florals

When you think of floral artwork, the first thing that might come to mind is blossom and flowers. We're re-imagining florals in the form of tropical and botanical artwork. The trend for green palm prints has been growing in popularity for the past few years and remains a stylish choice for modern and contemporary homes. Subtle botanical sketches on a light backdrop serve a more minimalist style. For maximalism, look for tropical rainforest prints and vibrant flourishes of green palm trees.

Catherine Stephenson Paintings featuring 'Riverbank Bunnies' and 'Hope'
Pictured (left to right): 'Riverbank Bunnies' by Catherine Stephenson & 'Hope' by Catherine Stephenson

Catherine Stephenson Paintings

Whimsical Watercolour Prints of Countryside Scenery

Catherine Stephenson’s beautiful wall decor prints are fun and imaginative. Based in the seaside town of Whitby in North Yorkshire, Catherine Stephenson works with vibrant watercolours. Her artwork brings a bright, spring-like feel to any space featuring trees filled with an abundance of pink blossom, colourful floral prints and whimsical landscapes with hot air balloons, fairground rides and treehouses. For this reason, Stephenson’s artwork looks beautiful in children’s bedrooms and nurseries. The playful little bunnies that decorate almost all of her artwork pieces have become a signature style, bringing these entertaining and spritely landscapes to life.