British bed manufacturers Vispring – alternatively known as Vi Spring – are renowned for their bespoke mattresses. Handmade to order from scratch, Vispring luxury beds and mattresses are considered some of the finest in the world, offering much more than a great night’s sleep. This mattress and divan brand take great pride in their heritage, British craftsmanship and eco-conscious approach to bed manufacturing.

We know what you’re thinking. A mattress is nothing more than a mattress, right? That’s where those with a Vispring mattress will tell you that you’re wrong. And here’s why…

Vispring luxury beds and mattresses

Bespoke British Mattresses

James Marshall: Creator of The First Pocket-Sprung Mattress

The Vispring story begins with an English Engineer called James Marshall. Whilst working abroad in Canada in 1899, Marshall created a support system for his wife who had been taken ill. He wrapped a series of coiled springs in muslin and covered them with horsehair, creating a supple quilt. Later labelled ‘The Marshall Mattress’, little did James know that this simple design would revolutionise the industry, establishing the foundation for the pocket spring mattress for decades to come.

Vispring Established in 1901

Recognising the innovation of Marshall’s idea, John Nolan and Frederick James took on the role of promoting the Marshall Mattress in Britain, launching the ‘Marshall Sanitary Mattress Company’ in 1901. Ten years later and the business begins to look more like the brand we know today. The company adopts the famous Vispring name and interprets their product through a new logo: a hare motif (representing the bounce and resilience of the mattress springs) and the number 6 in Roman numerals: VI. This is a reference to the 6-turn springs that are used at this time inside each hand-sewn mattress pocket.

Vispring Pocket Spring Craftsmanship

Where are Vispring Beds Made?

Handmade in Britain Since 1901

Vispring luxury beds and mattresses are made at their factory in Plymouth on the south west coast of England. Each is handcrafted from the finest natural fillings and renewable materials.

Eco-conscious Manufacturing

Natural & Biodegradable Materials

Vispring mattresses are made with economical and sustainable practices in mind. All fillings are entirely natural and biodegradable, making their products both breathable and eco-friendly. In a bid to minimise their carbon footprint, Vispring only use fleece wool that is 100% platinum certified and sourced within the UK. Meanwhile, the wood for their divans is obtained solely from forests and woodlands that are accredited to certified British standards. You can find out more about Vispring’s natural and renewable materials here.

Vispring Devonshire Mattress

Range Focus: Vispring Devonshire

British & Devonshire Wool Mattress

The Vispring Devonshire mattress is generously filled with British and Devonshire fleece wool to give a sumptuous and breathable night's sleep. A single layer of pocket springs sit at its core, offering tensions from Soft to Extra Firm to cater to your optimum level of sleeping comfort.


Vispring Mattress Filling Craftsmanship

Vispring Mattress Lifespan

How Long Do Vispring Mattresses Last?

A Vispring mattress is the investment of a lifetime - quite literally! Every mattress is issued with a 30-Year Guarantee; the long-lasting comfort designed to last for the lifetime of your bed. It is for this reason that you really can’t compromise on quality. Why invest in multiple new mattresses over the years when you can make a one-time investment in a luxury Vispring mattress?

Where Can I Buy a Vispring Mattress?

You can browse and buy Vispring mattresses and divan beds on our website. However, to get a real feel for a Vispring mattress, we’d recommend visiting us in-store at our showroom near Tewkesbury.

Vispring Regal Superb Mattress

Range Focus: Vispring Regal Superb Mattress

British & Shetland Wool Mattress with Cotton & Horsetail

The Regal Superb nests a single layer of breathable pocket springs between British and Shetland fleece wool, cotton and long stranded South American horsetail, creating a soft and supple sleeping surface. Select from Soft to Extra Firm tensions.


Vispring Mattress Ticking Craftsmanship

Vispring Luxury Beds

The Mattress of the Titanic

Over the past century, Vispring have been a huge part of Britain’s history. During the early 1920s, their mattresses graced prestigious steamships of their heyday including the The Oceanic Steam Navigation Company, otherwise known as the White Star Line. The most famous example is the RMS Titanic. Vispring were chosen to fit out all 39 suites and 350 first class cabins with their bespoke handcrafted mattresses.

Vispring in the Cotswolds & Beyond

Today, Vispring is distributed across all 5 continents, their eco-conscious ethos and supreme comfort sought after across the globe. You can find Vispring in high-end London hotels such as Park Lane and the Savoy, but this luxury mattress brand isn’t limited to city living. It can be found a little closer to home as well. Vispring’s mattresses can be found at the Cowley Manor in Cheltenham, the Cotswold Stow Lodge Hotel and the Buckland Manor Hotel. To this day, Vispring still handcraft bespoke mattresses using the pocket sprung method that James Marshall perfected in his day.

Vispring Tiara Superb Mattress

Range Focus: Vispring Tiara Superb

Double Pocket-Sprung Mattress with Shetland Wool, Cotton & Horsetail

The Tiara Superb mattress brings luxurious comfort with its double layer of pocket springs. It is filled to the brim with natural fillings including Shetland wool, blended cotton and horsetail and covered in the finest quality ticking for a soft, breathable sleeping surface. Select a tension from Soft to Extra Firm.


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