Richmond Interiors is home to luxurious, varied and atmospheric furniture for the high-end home. From urban design to rural authenticity, their sophisticated furniture collections cater to many interior styles, bringing class and comfort to contemporary and modern spaces. Shop our selection of Richmond furniture here or read on to find out more about the origins and history of this Dutch designer furniture brand.

Richmond Chandon Collection featuring the Caldox Coffee Table
The champagne gold tone of the Caldox Coffee Table brings a luxury feel to any living room.

From Spieghel to Richmond Interiors

Spieghel Trading Company

Founded more than 45 years ago, Richmond Interiors is highly established in the luxury furniture industry. However, the brand hasn't always looked as it does today. In the beginning, Richmond was known as the Spieghel Trading Company as buyers and sellers of beautiful antiques.

From Antiques to Modern

As Spieghel grew, so did its product offering. The brand transitioned away from antiques, moving to more modern concepts to suit an ever-changing market. Soon, the brand was making an impression across the globe and so re-branded under the name Richmond Interiors. This marked a new era for the company, defining their fresh, ground-breaking style with a brand new title.

Luxurious, High-End Furniture

Richmond furniture is undisputedly stylish. Their collections are surprising and seductive, designed to work seamlessly within high-end spaces - be that a commercial interior design project or private contemporary home.

Ranges such as Blackbone and Hunter make use of imposing dark wood and gold colour contrasts for a dramatic and intimate space. Meanwhile Bloomingville (console pictured) brings the glamour of Art Deco into the 21st century with tactile faux shagreen textures.

Richmond Smith Collection featuring the Smith Nesting Coffee Tables in Brass
The brass finish & white marble of the Smith Coffee Tables create a stunning contrast of colour.

Designs Defined by Their Heritage

Keeping the Classics of History Alive

Today, Richmond's core aesthetic is much more suited to 21st century living. However, their roots in antiquity remain very much at the heart of the brand. While the furniture channels a contemporary style, classic details create timeless pieces that are reflective of furniture styles gone by including antique, Art Deco and mid-century.

Inspiration From Across the Globe

Based in the Netherlands, Richmond's presence reaches far and wide. Their variation of style makes their furniture very popular. It has an ability to adapt to a variety of settings. Finding inspiration across the globe - from Shanghai to New York - Richmond Interiors bring designer furniture of all kinds to your home.

Richmond Marble Collection featuring the Delia Coffee Table
With a faux white marble top, gold finish edge and tapered black legs, the Delia Coffee Table is incredibly stylish.

Style For Every Space

From luxury to modern, Richmond showcase their variation of style through a range of atmospheric furniture collections. Compare the white, black and gold tones of Marble (including the Delia Coffee Table pictured) to the more industrial Chandon range, for instance.

With Richmond Interiors, there's something stunning for every space, each piece tied together by high-quality, excellent craftsmanship and impactful design.