A timeless and enduring flower, the white orchid adds classic, clean elegance to interior spaces. They work within a variety of settings, transcending both season and trend. When selecting florals for your home, white orchids are quite simply the perfect bloom.

The jury is well and truly out when it comes to taking care of live orchids. Interflora points out that orchids ‘have a reputation for being difficult to keep alive’ but others argue that this is simply just not true.

Fortunately, at Pavilion Broadway, we needn’t worry about the complexities of looking after orchids. We specialise in beautiful faux florals for a realistic flourish of nature that looks good all year round! And it seems others agree with us too as our artificial white orchid plants are some of our best-selling floral pieces. White orchids are particularly popular in interior design as their light colour works beautifully within almost any scheme.

Artificial White Orchid Plant by Pavilion Broadway Interior Design

Why Choose Artificial White Orchid Plants?

Real vs. Artificial

There are many reasons to decorate your home with imitation orchids instead of real ones. They are a great alternative if you find plants difficult to look after or don’t have the time to water them. Not only do our artificial white orchid plants look beautiful all year round, but their quality ensures that they look just as realistic.

With a live orchid, where it is placed in the home will really impact on how the plant flourishes. Sit your orchid in a window and the sunlight may cause damage. But place it in a cool, shaded corridor and it will not thrive. With an artificial potted orchid, there is no need to worry about light or temperature. Simply place where you like to complement a room.

How To Style Artificial White Orchids in Your Home

Our Interior Tips

Before you buy an artificial potted orchid for your home, it's worth considering a few things. Think about where you are going to place your orchid, what size arrangement is suitable for your space and how it will incorporate into your scheme.

Pot Style

Whether your home is contemporary, industrial or scandi, our artificial white orchid plants sit in pots of varying styles. Metallic vases are great for a minimal modern room, while stoneware pots bring a touch of natural texture. Blue and white patterned pots in traditional chinoiserie styles look great in timeless dining rooms. They can even be used to add a touch of colour to contemporary kitchens and bathrooms. If you aren't quite taken by these pre-potted beauties, we also offer artificial white orchids in faux soil like this one from Pavilion Flowers. Simply select one of our beautiful planters to put it in.

Arrangement Size

Another important consideration is what size your faux orchid arrangement should be. Tall orchids in large pots will overwhelm small coffee tables and kitchen islands. However, a simple single orchid in a small pot will be lost in large dining rooms and bedrooms. Fortunately, we offer potted imitation orchids at a variety of heights and sizes so that you can find the perfect piece to suit the proportions of your room.


A real orchid naturally grows leaves at its base. So, as you'd expect, our artificial potted orchids do too. As a rule of thumb, artificial arrangements with multiple orchids will have more leaves than individual stems. These leaves have a light sheen to create the authentic, succulent appearance of the real thing. If a splash of green is not quite what you are after, it may be worth styling individual artificial white orchid plants throughout a room rather than one eye-catching arrangement.

Artificial White Orchid Plants at Pavilion Broadway

Where to Style White Faux Orchids for Real Impact

Entrance Hall

Let's start at the first place we come to in the home: the entrance hall. Artificial white orchid plants look striking on round centre tables as a breath-taking display like this one by Jonathan Charles. Their height will lift a hallway or entrance space, making an immediate impression as one of the first things seen in your home. A tall arrangement here will look spectacular in entrance halls with gracefully tall or vaulted ceilings. Achieve the same impact in a smaller home by selecting a smaller artificial potted orchid and styling on a hallway console.

Bay Windows

Orchids will always look lovely in windowsills. However placing an arrangement in a bay window makes a stylish use of the space. If there isn’t a window sill to sit your orchids on, use a centre or end table in a similar shape to the angles of the window to create symmetry. Ensure not to choose a potted orchid that is too large and blocks out natural light.

Coffee & Dining Tables

It may seem obvious to place an artificial white orchid plant at the centre of a dining or coffee table. However, this go-to spot should not be underestimated. Often sitting at the centre of a space, coffee and dining tables are key features of a room. Placing a potted faux orchid at the centre will bring the scheme together, immediately drawing the eye and creating symmetry.

Decorative Fireplaces

As older properties are renovated and traditional fireplaces replaced with central heating, homes are seeing an increasing number of empty, blocked up fireplaces. These are regularly kept as ornamental pieces and a feature of the property's heritage. If you have an unused fireplace which is currently sitting empty, why not place a potted orchid in front of it? This flourish of tall white flowers will add interest and fresh colour to a room, bringing it into the 21st century. If your fireplace is a working piece, keep accessories safely away from the fire by making full use of your mantelpiece. Place a pair of artificial white orchid plants at either side to frame a mirror or artwork.

Open Shelving Units

Modular style shelving units with open backs can provide the perfect place for a potted white orchid. Many shelves like this one from Pavilion Chic have a tall shelf that is the perfect fit for framing an orchid. If this open shelving unit sits in the middle of a room, then the effect will be particularly impactful as you will be able to view the plant from all angles. However, the effect will look just as beautiful if your modular shelving unit is styled parallel to an interior wall. Just make sure to measure the size of your shelf space before you select your orchid to ensure you choose the correct size.

Faux Potted White Orchids at Pavilion Broadway

Unlike other flowers used for decoration, the white orchid will always become a feature of a room. Its elegance and elevation will instantly draw the eye. So, wherever you choose to put yours, ensure it incorporates into your scheme.

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