The days are getting shorter and there's whispers of a chill in the air. That can only mean one thing: autumn has arrived. And so have this year's autumn winter interior trends. We've looked at the forecasts and selected our 4 favourite interior design trends for the season. Read on to discover this year's choices and find out how you can style the trend in your home.

Our Favourite Autumn Winter Interior Trends for 2020

Cosy Country Interior Trend

Cosy Country

Just in time for the autumn season comes Cosy Country. Now that October is here and the cooler weather has set in, this interior trend is going to get you reaching for your winter woollens. The Cosy Country interior trend is two parts comfort, three parts rustic and one part nature.

Tweed Furniture

Let’s talk tweed. Tweed is always a hit in British homes in the colder months so if you’ve got some tweed furniture already, you’re already partway there. If not, look to handsome chairs and stools from Carlton Furniture. Or if you’re just looking for a hint of tweed, their patchwork beanbags are a great addition to this trend.

Natural Textures

Satisfy the rusticity of the Cosy Country trend with natural wooden furniture. The Cotswold and Huntley furniture collections bring a contemporary edge to this trend, while pieces from Theodore Alexander’s Echoes collection offer an organic look. Team with wicker, neutral ceramics and animal themes for a country essence.

Touches of Green

Finally, this interior design trend would not be complete without a touch of sage green. Incorporate faux eucalyptus stems into your decor to bring the Cosy Country trend to life.

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Autumn Golds Interior Trend

Autumn Golds

The next of our autumn winter interior trends encapsulates everything we adore about autumn. Golden tones, burnt oranges and yellow hues – all those colours that give you a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. Go bold with vibrant orange accents. Alternatively, tone this trend down with subtle shades for a contemporary look.

Gold Accessories

Out of all of our trends this year, this one is the most versatile. It can be incorporated in varying degrees of intensity, meaning you can style it into your home how you like. For a softer approach, we’d recommend styling golden hues throughout your interior. Vases, mirrors and ornaments are a simple way of blending in the colour scheme without overhauling your entire design. Parlane’s gold candle holders are particularly popular at this time of year. Their vibrant gold finishes remain on-trend right up to the Christmas period. Take the trend one step further with the beautiful hues of Jonathan Charles’ golden amber furniture.

Neutral Upholstery

TA Studio’s Byron sofas are perfect for this year’s Autumn Gold trend. The neutral linen upholstery is accented with throw cushions in a golden-orange hue. Alongside the sophisticated proportions, these sofas create a casual and comfortable look which caters perfectly to the season.

Oranges & Yellows

Faux florals in orange and yellow hues will bring this trend together in a room. Layer up throw blankets and cushions in these signature colours for additional comfort.

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Comfort Chic Interior Trend

Comfort Chic

Taking inspiration from the relaxed tones of scandi and hygge interiors, the Comfort Chic trend lends itself beautifully to the autumn winter season. This trend thrives on soft textures contrasted with silver and brass accents. The end result is an elegant blend of comfort, warmth and luxury.

The Hygge Home

For those unfamiliar with the Danish concept of hygge, here’s a quick explanation. In short, hygge is all about embracing the cosy, contented things in life. It’s the serene, fuzzy feeling you get when you’re nested comfortably by the fireside on a miserable, grey day. Or listening to the rain against your window at night from a nice warm bed. Those are just a few examples, but you get the gist! Its’ about channelling these feelings into your home and creating a cosy and comfortable space that you love. Comfort Chic takes elements of hygge and minimalistic Scandinavian style and refreshes the look with a luxurious finish.

Fluffy Fabrics

Of course, the first place to look to in this trend is fabrics. Boucle textures, faux furs and sheepskins will satisfy the comfortable hygge element of this trend. Look to the Lambswool Shaun Chair and Eichholtz’s Taylor Sofa as statement pieces. Alternatively, decorate with some simple accessories such as the faux fur Polar Cushion and Parlane’s sheepskin cushions. Make sure to keep colours light and fresh to suit scandi elements of the trend – look to creams, whites and silvers.

Luxe Finish

Complete the trend with a luxurious flourish. Pair white ceramics and potted orchids with gentle brass or golden finishes. But do keep things subtle. Take inspiration from the lacquered Marloe and marble Charlbury furniture ranges. These pieces use gold and brass tones to simply elevate the light tones of their design, without overwhelming them.

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Rich And Bejewelled Interior Trend

Rich & Bejewelled

This last of our autumn winter interior trends greets the season with a beautiful blend of colour and contrast. Go bold with statement velvet sofas or rich paint colours in peacock hues of purple and blue. Or keep things more simple with gilded accessories and bohemian style soft furnishings.

Purple & Deep Blue

Vibrant shades of purple and blue epitomise the Rich and Bejewelled interior trend. These colours create a darker, luxurious look while supple, velvety textures create a decadent feel. Why not try styling the deep teal of the Ashbourne Chairs around your dining room table? Alternatively, Jonathan Charles’ French 1930s furniture pieces are decorated with blue toned faux shagreen. These pieces are the perfect fit for the Rich and Bejewelled trend, offering both deep colour and a tactile texture.

Gilded Finishes

Gold accents are the perfect complement to this interior trend. This vibrant hue offers a subtle contrast, creating an elegant and almost regal look. Style ornately carved leaner and wall mirrors alongside gilded picture frames and delicate gold ornaments. If you are choosing furniture with metallic leg finishes, stick to gold or brass rather than silver. These colours will really bring the trend to life, however subtle.

Tassels & Fringes

A bohemian edge completes this trend with a flourish of texture. Fringed cushions like the Paula and the Phoebe will look great against neutral upholstery. Or go one step further with the fringed Le Vante Swivel Chair. And if you are a lover of tassels, now is the time to style them into your scheme! From curtain tie backs to throw blankets, layer up the texture with tassels and printed fabrics. See Eichholtz’s Fiocchi Side Table for inspiration.

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