Spring and summer present the ideal time of year to refresh both interiors and exteriors with a beautiful array of seasonal flowers. But with so many different flowers out there, how do you know which to choose? If you couldn't be further alike to our in-house floristry specialist, Jane, or don't have someone green-fingered to point you in the right direction, we've got you covered. Our simple guide to the best spring and summer flowers for 2019 ensures that your home and garden will be picked and planted with the finest flowers that this time of year has to offer. Whether you're looking for spectacular spring flowers or bulbs that bloom all summer, read on to discover our list of 6 flower types suitable for the spring-summer season...


1. Sunflowers

A Symbol of Nourishment & Vibrancy

If the name didn't indicate it enough, sunflowers are the perfect go-to bloom for summertime. Flowering into early August, this stems bright citrus colour and soaring stature thrive in the full sun of the season. Indoor sunflowers look particularly striking when placed individually in a bottle-green vase, the luminescent tones beautifully complementing the hue of the sunflower leaves. For a larger arrangement, try styling sunflowers genuine or artificial with whites or sprays in contrasting shades of rich orange. Adding a little greenery also never goes amiss, replicating the vivid effect of sunflower petals against mother nature’s natural canvas. Sunflowers bloom annually, meaning they are born, live and die in the same year so seed will require planting every year. But with names like 'Teddy Bear', 'Big Smile' and the magnificent 4 metre 'American Giant', these beautiful blooms provide fun and enjoyment for adults and kids alike.


2. Roses

A Versatile Yet Elegant Favourite

One of the most popular garden plants, roses naturally flower in abundance during summer. Blooming well into the autumnal season, these beauties are available in an array of gorgeous colours. Whether you’re seeking something that’s spectacular or subtle, roses offer a fresh, crisp look that exudes elegance. Roses are perennial plants, meaning that they will grow and regrow over the years with the right care. Like our handsome sunflower, roses can be styled individually or in arrangements. During summertime, we’d recommend the latter, a single rose more characteristic of the late winter or early spring period during the months of February and March. For a long lasting look, artificial roses are a fantastic alternative, offering a genuine likeness in look and feel.


3. Delphiniums

Reminiscent of an Idyllic Cottage Garden

Traditional to the summer garden, delphiniums - or larkspur - are one of the most spectacular garden flowers. Blooming throughout June and July, delphiniums grow from seed. The delphinium is characterised by its intense colour, slender form and blossoming cloud of petals. These perennial florals add height and drama to any room or spring flower bed. When indoors, place in tall, clear glass vases amid white, lilac or blue varieties for a beautiful summer flower bouquet. The delphinium's natural season is quite short but these flowers can often be coaxed into producing a few later blooms towards the end of summertime.


4. Dahlia

The National Flower of Mexico

Dainty or dramatic, dahlia summer flowers offer a wide range of types, tones and sizes. Perfect for the summer season, the dahlia is often in bloom right up until the first late autumn frosts. Named after the Swedish 18th century Botanist, Anders Dahl, this flower is one of the most spectacular for gardens and interiors. Its kaleidoscope of vivid colour and beautifully layered pristine petals characterise a floral lusciousness and impact like no other. Accessorising your home with indoor dahlias is effortlessly simple. Group different varieties and hues of dahlia together, creating an arrangement or bouquet of colours characteristic of the summer season. These florals bloom annually so will need replacing every year (which is even more reason to fake it with high-quality artificials, lasting throughout spring, summer and beyond!). However, from the intricacies of their petals and their array of pastel and vibrant colours, we can see why gardeners choose to plant these beauties every year.


5. Peonies

A Popular Perennial in a Rainbow of Hues

Symbolising romance, prosperity and compassion, it is no wonder peonies are a wedding bouquet favourite. Peonies are available in a variety of colours. White and pink are commonly the most desirable – most likely for their delightful fragrance – but other tones such as red, coral, yellow and deep purple are seen readily throughout summer arrangements. There are at least 30 summer bulb species of peony in total with over 300 varieties! But you will discover that not one of them is naturally blue. This is because the blue pigment is less pronounced or sometimes non-existent in peonies. Blooming from late spring into early summer, peonies grow specifically within these seasons. And although not available throughout the entire year, peonies are perennial flowers that will bloom and re-bloom annually to transform a garden for many a summer.


6. Succulents

Perfect For Those of Us Who Frequently Forget

From the Latin ‘succus’ meaning ‘sap’ or ‘juice’, succulents are ideal for indoor decoration. These plants store water in their thickset leaves, meaning that they are very low maintenance (which is great if you forget to water your plants on a daily basis). Otherwise known as desert or water storage plants, succulents thrive on a little neglect. Their internal workings are designed to withstand the searing heat and dehydration of harsher climates. However, just because they’re formed by dryer climates, doesn’t mean you can abandon them altogether. If you’re seeking a no-fuss succulent look all year round, we’d recommend an artificial alternative. Real succulents often have a chalky reside on their leaves that is a natural deterrent against pests and sunburn. For this reason, artificial succulents offer a lifelike look due to their dewy appearance and pliable texture.