With the annual office shindig and other celebratory get-togethers off the agenda, you might not quite be feeling your usual festive self. But that's all the more reason to throw yourself into this year's Christmas entertaining!

25th December is just around the corner. Whether it's just you and a significant other, the loved ones you live with or your designated Christmas bubble - ensure you've got everything you need to make hosting simple. Read on to explore our Christmas entertaining essentials...


Christmas Entertaining Essentials: Tableware


Dishes & Crockery 

Plenty of Plates for Everyone at the Table

However many you are cooking for this Christmas, we're sure you'll be putting on quite the spread. But before you dig out that festive apron, take a look at your tableware. Have you got enough plates and bowls for your guests? If not - or if you just fancy treating yourself to something new! - buy your additional crockery now to ensure that you've got enough in time for Christmas. Remember it's always good to have a few spares too incase of breakages pre-Christmas or on the day.

You don't have to invest in brand-new dinnerware sets and dishes however (festive theme optional). Simply use your day to day crockery and make things Christmassy with some creative decorations. Check out this year's Christmas table setting ideas for some quick and easy inspiration.








Christmas Entertaining Essentials: Glassware


Champagne Flutes & Tumblers

Stylish Glassware For Drinks All Round

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas without a few bubbles, right? Whether you're drinking champagne, sparkling wine or lemonade, ensure that you've got enough glasses for celebratory toasts and drinks all round. Have a quick head count of your guests and then check what existing glassware you've got in the cupboard. If you're a few short or some of your glasses have had better days, treat yourself to a few extras.

Christmas entertaining is the perfect opportunity to show off your mixology skills. So why not wow your Christmas bubble with a festive cocktail! Whether it's a fruity lockdown creation, a flavour of the season or a classic snowball, make sure you've got the relevant accompaniments to make each drink extra special - slices of lime, a sugar encrusted top, even novelty umbrellas! Keep things cool with an ice cooler and make sure you have enough space in the fridge.







Christmas Entertaining Essentials: Serveware


Serving Plates & Trays

Simple & Stylish Serveware For Food, Nibbles & Drinks 

Whether it's for serving nibbles and mince pies or freshly steamed vegetables and roast potatoes, serveware is essential for smooth Christmas entertaining. A serving tray is an absolute must for hosting as it can be used to serve drinks and distribute nibbles safely among your bubble of guests. Take things one step further with a rotating lazy susan. Perfect for serving cakes, pigs in blankets, mince pies (all Christmas essentials in our eyes)...

When it comes to dessert, nothing is more impressive than a domed serving platter or cake stand! Better still, for those who take pride in every detail, a domed platter or tiered stand will add an extra dimension to your festive spread (which is equally as insta-worthy!)









Christmas Entertaining Essentials: Drinks Trolleys


Drinks & Serving Trolleys

Step Up Your Serving Game with Sophisticated Trolley Style

Suave, sophisticated and often seen holding the occasional martini... With characteristics like these, you'd be forgiven for thinking that we are talking about infamous fictional 007 agent, James Bond. However, what we're actually referring to is something which is - in our eyes - even more alluring: the handsomely proportioned drinks trolley.

Sure, serving trays are stylish and easy to use. But why not make Christmas entertaining even easier with a manoeuvrable and stylish trolley? Multipurpose, these beauties can be used for serving both drinks and nibbles and are on the market in an array of vintage, modern and contemporary designs to match your interior scheme.  If you have one already - great! Dust it off ready for Christmas as it's going to be used - a lot. Although you might not require your trolley for serving, it can still be used as a space to display your array of drinks for the duration of Christmas period - perfectly positioned and quick to hand for when you need it.







Christmas Entertaining Essentials: Drinks Cabinets


Bar & Cocktail Cabinets

Specialist Storage for Your Seasonal Tipples

If you're short on cupboard space, then why not take your drinks storage one step further by investing in a sophisticated drinks cabinet? This storage can be styled into your interior scheme, becoming a permanent feature of your home. Plus, if you're something of a mixologist or a beverage connoisseur, you'll be wanting somewhere stylish to store your barware. And when it comes to Christmas entertaining, a drinks cabinet can store all of your soft and alcoholic drink options in one place. Better still, if you're busy cooking, your Christmas bubble can easily help themselves to a refill!