No matter the size of your bedroom or your budget, there is no reason why even the smallest of homes can’t enjoy a stylish bedroom interior.

Be it your own master bedroom, a spare guest room-come-storage-space or a kids' room, each interior requires something a little different. Our Interior Designer, Nicole, suggests asking yourself two questions when styling an interior: who is using the space and what are they using it for? With these questions in mind, we’ve put together a list of bedrooms used by three different types of individual and looked into what key pieces we'd recommend to suit the user. Read on to explore a selection of bedroom inspiration and our key ideas for each room that simply shouldn’t be missed!

Master Bedroom Inspiration

The Master Bedroom

A Space To Kick Back & Relax

As an interior you are likely to spend time in almost every day, there should be absolutely no compromise when it comes to styling your own bedroom exactly how you’d like it. And there’s nothing quite like the thought of your very own bed on your commute home from the office or after a long day on the road (in fact, just thinking about it at 4pm in the afternoon is making us feel all snuggly). The beautiful master bedroom should be a cherished interior; a space to relax, unwind and escape the stresses of the day.

Choose A Divan Bed

Comfort and functionality are key for the master bedroom. That’s why we think a divan bed is the only viable choice. It satisfies the necessity for these two components in equal proportion. Unlike a bedstead, a divan base sees springs built into the frame for extra suspension. As a bed that is likely to see an occupant almost every night of the week, this sprung support provides additional comfort that’s built to withstand long-term use.

Functional Storage

So, that’s comfort covered. But what about functionality? Brands like Vispring provide a range of easy to use underbed drawers which are ideal for storing all kinds of items, from bed linen and shoes to a place to hide Christmas presents. Hypnos offer a similar selection but also include what they like to call SuperStorage. This option fully utilises the storage capabilities of the entire underside of your bed, whilst the hydraulic springs give you the ability to effortlessly lift your mattress in true superhero style!

Perfect For Smaller Bedrooms

Underbed storage is a great option for the small master bedroom as it conserves space whilst utilising every inch of storage available. It also doesn’t interrupt your bedroom scheme with an abundance of wardrobes, chests of drawers or dressers in small rooms where living space is essential.

Guest Bedroom Ideas

The Guest Bedroom

Simple vs. Statement

The spare or guest bedroom can be one of two things. It can be a place for you to pursue your most desired guest bedroom decorating ideas, perhaps a vibrant or daring scheme that might not be suited to your master interior. Alternatively, this room could be more pared back, offering a comfortable and relaxing space to welcoming guests. Less often used, the guest bedroom might act as your dressing room when unoccupied (or alternatively an extremely spacious walk in wardrobe).

A Stylish Bedstead

The guest bedroom may warrant a smaller investment in terms of the bed. So, whereas you may have indulged in a comfortable divan for your own room, a bedstead with a comfortable mattress is the way to go here. This is a great move for a range of reasons. Firstly, a bedstead offers a different look to your master bedroom’s boxy divan which might be more suited to a contrasting interior scheme. Better yet, there may not be so much need for the extensive suspension and support of a divan bed and so you can keep costs down here by investing in a less complex bed frame that is equally as stylish. Often priced lower than a divan, the humble bedstead is a great option for revamping the spare bedroom on a budget.

Choose a Quality Mattress

Even though a bedstead doesn’t see the additional support of a sprung divan base, you can still ensure that your guests have a great night’s sleep in utmost comfort by choosing a high-quality mattress. Handcrafted, Vispring and Hypnos offer unrivalled comfort, creating specialist mattresses for exclusive use on bedsteads. No need to worry about slat damage, these sumptuous mattresses are made with an additional layer for extra protection and longevity.

A Room for a Range of Uses

Alternatively, the spare bedroom might act as an extension of your master bedroom. If it’s a makeshift dressing room, investing in a beautiful dressing table and floor mirror are a guest bedroom essential. Whereas, if this room acts as more of a dumping ground for anything and everything (followed by a mass tidy up when guests are scheduled to stay!), you might seek out additional storage furniture pieces such as wardrobes and chests of drawers or even a desk if the spare room is also your home office.


The Kids' Bedroom

Their Own Stamp

Kids' bedrooms should be fun, exciting and full of personality. However, if they’re somewhere between child and teenager, they might be seeking a more grown up style bedroom. This shouldn’t entail a mature and sophisticated interior scheme, however. Instead, this room should still sing your child’s personality but can be matured a little with fun accessories.

Model Hot Air Balloons

To achieve the perfect balance of a cool theme without being childlike, hot air balloons by Authentic Models are a great choice. These decorative model balloons are loved by customers and our team alike. They make great decorations for girls, boys, children and adults of all ages. Interiors blogger, Nicola Broughton aka. "The Girl with the Green Sofa" has used some of own very own Authentic Models balloons in her son Alfie’s bedroom. She has used them to really show off how these charming balloons can bring a sense of adventure and excitement into a space. She states: “We wanted this room to be fun, but we also wanted to create a room that would educate him too, without him even realising it”.

Easy to Use Storage

If you don't own one already, a storage chest like is great for the kids’ bedroom. Instead of your typical bedroom storage options, a box or chest is easy for children to use and might just encourage them to tidy up more often, making putting away toys and games quick and efficient.

Get The Look: Bedroom Inspiration from Luxury Brands

Discover how easy it can be to recreate an interior look by taking some luxury bedroom inspiration from these beautiful lifestyle shots, created by UK mattress manufacturers, Hypnos and Vispring. We've chosen three modern bedroom ideas that we absolutely adore and explain how to achieve it...

Picture: Hypnos

The Industrial Luxe Master Bedroom

Metallic Finishes Meet Sumptuous Soft Furnishings

Create a casual dressing table look using our Pearl Console using Eichholtz's Pall Mall Stool as a stylish and sumptuous seat. For comfort and quality, seek the Hypnos Orthos Cashmere divan set and team with the beautifully buttoned Eleanor Headboard for a touch of contemporary style. Complete the look with industrial style lamps.

Picture: Vispring

The Smart Yet Casual Spare Bedroom

Contemporary Comfort with Vintage Details

A neutral contemporary palette embodies this bedroom. Choose a comfortable and high-quality mattress like the Shetland by Vispring - or alternatively the bedstead option for a bed frame - hand-teased with fleece wool from Britain and the Shetland Isles for utmost comfort and exceptional breathability. Add touches of vintage style like the Eichholtz Soho Floor Lamp and Authentic Models Stateroom Trunk. Complete the look with comfortable neutral cushions and a yellow throw blanket. Prop picture frames with family photos and simple artwork against the wall to create and instant personal feature.

Picture: Hypnos Beds

The Bold & Botanic Guest Bedroom

An Experimentation of Colour & Style

Taking bedroom inspiration from Nicola Broughton's maximalist style, this space created by Hypnos exudes a sense of excitement. Create a statement feature wall with vibrant paint or wallpaper with a floral or botanical prints. Next, choose an upholstered headboard with sweeping lines for a touch of elegance. Complete the look with a contrast of shapes, hues and metallics - the Catania Side Table and the Trapezium Chair.