Hot air balloons have captured our imaginations for centuries. The sense of wanderlust and adventure they evoke is second to none and incorporating them into your decor adds just the right hint of child-like excitement to any space.

Hot air balloon models are a cult classic and, as the trend for quirky throw-back decor evolves, they have become a style staple. Perfect for decorating outdoor spaces (for birthday parties or summer weddings), as well as indoor areas (what a way to add a pop of fun and colour to a scandi-inspired living room!), the combination of candy colours and the huge size range make vintage hot air balloon models as versatile as they are beautiful.

Authentic Models Hot Air Balloons

Hang High & Elevate Your Interior

Hanging hot air balloon models are a creative way to lift empty spaces of an interior. Their myriad of cool and crisp colours see them suited to almost any style of home. We love the way Emily from adownandouttenement has used our model hot air balloons to add a sense of drama to her hallway. The balloons are the perfect decoration to complement Emily's Georgian property, providing a balance of whimsicality and classic forms to match her charismatic period decor. Air balloon models are a great choice for homes with gloriously high ceilings. They will bring a sense of elevation to a room - and interest to an otherwise unnoticed part of the home!

Great For Kids' Bedrooms

Evoke Excitement & Adventure

Hot air balloons don't just inspire the imagination of children, but are just as loved by adults too! If you like the idea but aren't sure how a vibrant colour will work with your scheme, Authentic Models also make balloon replicas in a variety of neutral and monochromatic tones. These might be more suited to your sophisticated interior scheme (however, we think the black hot air balloon mobile pictured above would look just as stunning hung within a children's nursery or playroom). Lucy from lucyhamiltonathome has used the pastel tones of the hot air balloon replicas in her recent bedroom project for a little girl. These soft shades are just perfect for a child's bedroom. Meanwhile, as we've talked about before, Nicola aka. "The Girl with the Green Sofa" shows how the more vibrant coloured balloons can add extra warmth and depth to her son's cooler toned bedroom.

The Rule of Three (Or Five)

For Best Effect, Hang Together

The depth of colour and variation of sizes are what make our vintage hot air balloon models so appealing. The larger ones can be used to create a more dramatic effect, especially when hung on their own, so might be most suitable for a children's bedroom with a lower ceiling. The smaller balloons look most beautiful when hung together in sets of three or five - as if they are drifting slowly through the skies in their very own balloon race! Our favourite look is to pair different sizes and colours of hot air balloon models together. There is just something about these enchanting vintage beauties that evoke feelings of comfort and nostalgia when hung together as whimsical hot air balloon decorations...