Hot air balloons have captured our imaginations for centuries. The iconic colours, woven wicker baskets and roars of hot air create a sense of child-like wanderlust! Incorporating them into your home decor adds a hint of excitement and vintage adventure to any space.

Authentic Models hot air balloons are a cult classic. And as the trend for quirky throw-back decor evolves, they have become a style staple. These model hot air balloons are perfect for decorating outdoor spaces - such as birthday parties or summer weddings - as well as indoor areas. The combination of candy colours, unique patterns and varying sizes make model hot air balloons as versatile as they are beautiful. Read on to discover 4 of the best ways you can use our hot air balloons to add whimsical style and fun to a space.

model hot air balloons

Style As Elegant Outdoor Decor

Perfect for Weddings & Summer Parties

Naturally, our model hot air balloons gravitate beautifully to outdoor settings. They look effortless when used to decorate gardens or marquees for weddings or summer birthday parties. However, these hot air balloon replicas are not made to withstand outdoor weather conditions so remember to get them in when the party is over. When you're not using them outside, why not hang your balloons in the conservatory or in front of a large window overlooking your garden for a similar effect?

Authentic Models hot air balloons

Use to Elevate Your Interior

Create Dimension in Rooms with High Ceilings

Hanging hot air balloon models in rooms with high ceilings is a brilliant way to bring dimension and depth to your interior. You can experiment with colour, pattern and size to create a unique and whimsical focal point. A cluster of different sized model hot air balloons will look striking at the centre of a tall stairwell or hallway, while adding decorative interest to an otherwise unused part of the home.

hanging hot air balloon models
Image: trott.yasmin via Instagram

Add Fun To A Kid's Bedroom

Spark Their Imagination!

Hot air balloons inspire the imagination of children, making our decorative models perfect for kid's bedrooms, playrooms and nurseries. They are also a great way to get young children involved with how they might like their room decorated as they can choose model hot air balloons in a design they like. Whether it's a favourite colour, rainbow stripes or star patterns, there's plenty of styles and colours for them to choose from. Authentic Models also make tiny versions of their hot air balloons as part of colourful mobiles - perfect for a newborn nursery!

vintage hot air balloon models
Images: faulk.house2home via Instagram (left), The Girl with the Green Sofa (right)

Style in Groups of 3

Because Nothing Quite Beats the Rule of Three

Although there are no definitive rules when it comes to interior styling, the rule of three is a notion ingrained in design from the outset of our creative process. This idea that items and objects seem to look more appealing in odd numbers also works well when applied to our model hot air balloons. While a single balloon floating through the skies works beautifully, there's just something about a cluster of three or five balloons that is more effective. Tell a unique story by matching classic striped balloons with patterned balloons in matching and complementary colours. You can also use this method to draw attention to a larger balloon in a set.

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