Duresta sofas have been a large part of Pavilion Broadway’s history and are still popular with our customers and interior design clients today. Handmade in the UK with utmost attention to detail, Duresta embody an unrivalled level of bespoke craftsmanship and curated comfort. Perhaps what we and our customers love most about this designer sofa brand is their vast range of models. From the classic lines of the Ruskin sofa and the elegance of the Hornblower to the deep scroll arms of the Waldorf and the Coco, Duresta offer sofa styles to suit a variety of traditional, timeless and modern interiors. But it’s not just the diversity of designs that sparks our interest. If you’re looking for great British craftsmanship and superb comfort that is guaranteed to last decades, a Duresta sofa is an excellent investment.


Duresta Boulevard Corner Sofa

Pictured: Boulevard Corner Sofa & Madison Chairs 

Handmade Sofas & Chairs

Upholstery Excellence

The Duresta story begins in Long Eaton in 1938. This Nottinghamshire-based town is where this luxury sofa brand have manufactured sofas, armchairs and footstools by hand for more than 80 years. Renowned as an area of fine craftsmanship, Long Eaton remains highly regarded as the UK's Centre for Upholstery to this very day. Duresta are one amongst a selection of handmade sofa brands in Long Eaton that place great value on spectacular quality, creativity and artisan craftsmanship.

Duresta Fabrics

One of the things that makes Duresta sofas so popular is their extensive selection of upholstery fabric. Offering more than 800 designs, each fabric and leather design is specially manufactured within exclusive mills in Long Eaton. This vast selection offers a variety of colours, patterns and types to choose from, meaning that you can upholster your sofa to your exact preferences. Better yet, the made-to-measure nature of a Duresta sofa means that you can cater the seat, back and scatter fillings to your preferred selection. So, whether you'd rather a firmer foam sit or a something softer like fibre, this brand's selection of fabrics and fillings allow you to make your interior dreams a reality.


Duresta Trafalgar Sofa Collection

Pictured: Duresta Trafalgar Collection

Great British Craftsmanship

Made By Artisans

Synonymous with ‘Pure English Luxury’, it’s not just the upholstery that makes a Duresta sofa spectacular. Unfortunately, you can’t physically look inside the sofa – well, you could but we wouldn’t recommend it as this wouldn't then be covered under your 25 year guarantee! – but if you could, you would see the level of skill and attention to detail that goes into every furniture piece. Each sofa is made entirely by hand. From the hand-assembled hardwood frame to the insertion of the springs to the consciously-sourced fillings and hand-sewn upholstery – it is this cherished skill and time-honoured craftsmanship that makes a Duresta sofa magnificent.

A British Sofa Brand

In the spirit of their great British craftsmanship, Duresta have had the pleasure of working alongside a selection of British companies and individuals. Their past collection with Matthew Williamson saw contemporary Duresta models upholstered in an exclusive selection of stylish fabrics. They have since collaborated with the National Trust, creating designs such as the Trafalgar pictured above that take inspiration from the quintessential beauty of historic properties. The Trafalgar itself is inspired by the deep seat and high back of the day bed used by Lord Nelson on the HMS Victory during the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805. An embodiment of classic English style, Duresta sofas are constantly evolving, designed to become family heirlooms that are cherished for generations to come.