Whether rain or shine, bring summer indoors this season with these simple summer decorating ideas. Unfortunately, British summers are wildly unpredictable. There is no guarantee of back to back sunshine. In fact, it's safe to assume there will almost certainly be rain! Regardless, we're pushing thoughts of wet weather and grey days aside and thinking about how we can make our home feel more summery indoors. So - even if it's not sunny outside - we can enjoy the ambience of a summery, fresh feeling interior without having to leave the house. Read on for 5 ways to bring summer indoors with our easy home decor ideas.

Summer Decorating Ideas - No.1 Bring Nature In
Pictured: Northampton Dining Table

1. Bring Nature In

Decorate with Abundant Greenery

We're starting our summer decorating ideas off by simply adding greenery. And while styling plants into your home may seem obvious, the impact of leafy foliage and green plants can often be overlooked. Natural greenery is ideal, but for a fuss-free alternative, artificial greenery works just as well. Plus, there's no need to worry about watering! You'll be surprised by how impactful a few simple greenery stems can be in an indoor setting. Start by adding 1 or 2 green plants, such as the popular potted succulent or hanging plant. Heighten the natural connection by using an abundance of leafy green trees and tall grass to create a botanical feel.

Freshen Up with Summery Artwork

If foliage and greenery aren't your thing, why not brighten your home with summer artwork? Style floral art on an empty wall space to add a flourish of summer colour. Alternatively, swap wintry and autumnal artwork with something more seasonal. We love the spring and summery feeling of prints by Catherine Stephenson with bright flourishes of pink blossom and whimsical green scenery.

Summer Decorating Ideas - No.2 Summer Beach House
Pictured: Corallo Chest of Drawers

2. Summer Beach House

Add Texture with Coral Ornaments

The beach and summertime go hand-in-hand. And while you may not have the seaside on your doorstep, you can bring that warm, beachy feeling to your home. Coral decor has been a growing interior trend of the past few years. It has been used in luxe interiors against darker backdrops as well as lighter day-to-day schemes for a subtle hint of seaside style. Place decorative items and lighting with coral details alongside sandy toned furniture such as the Cotswold collection and Corallo by Theodore Alexander for coastal cottage style.

Incorporate Nautical Decor

To create a connection between beach and home, nothing quite matches nautical decor. Authentic Models offer a multitude of characterful maritime objects and classic instruments that create a nautical look in an instant. Decorative oars are particularly popular in beach house interior design as they can be used on a wall as an alternative to framed art. If bold nautical decor is a little too much for your interior, you can create a subtler effect with summery beach and quayside prints.

Summer Decorating Ideas - No.3 Zingy Citrus
Pictured: Parlane Artificial Lemon Spray

3. Zingy Citrus

Style In Yellow Decor

According to colour psychology, yellow symbolises energy, happiness, optimism and joy. It is also associated with the sun, making the colour yellow a perfect summer decorating idea. The best bit is that citrus tones of yellow can be incorporated into your home with just a few simple home decor additions (and without breaking the bank). Swap vases and candles holders for summery yellow colours that you can use year after year. Or, bring summer in using a faux lemon tree, while creating an exotic feel reminiscent of an Italian villa.

Soften with Yellow Cushions & Blankets

One of the simplest summer decorating ideas to incorporate yellow is to swap out your soft furnishings. Put away fluffy, faux fur blankets and woollen cable knit cushions and restyle sofas, chairs and bedspreads with a splash of yellow. Shades vary from light through to vibrant so you can incorporate yellow as much or as little as you'd like. Try styling a lightweight throw blanket or cushion on a wooden kitchen bench or armchair for a pop of colour. These yellow shades are certain to bring the summer in and lighten your mood when the weather's not so bright.

Summer Decorating Ideas - No.4 Refresh with Rattan

4. Refresh with Rattan

Incorporate Tactile Rattan Accessories

Rattan is perfect for creating an exotic, summertime feel in your home. The organic texture brings rusticity to any space, pairing wonderfully with indoor green foliage. If you don't want to completely overhaul your furniture, style rattan home accessories into a room instead. Often associated with tropical holidays in the sunshine, rattan is a simple way to bring warmth and texture to your home in an instant. Casual wicker baskets have the same effect.

Update Your Interior with Rattan Furniture

You might think that rattan furniture is only for the garden. However, while there is an increasing amount of outdoor rattan furniture on the market, indoor rattan furniture is making its mark. As we've highlighted in our Garden Furniture Buyers Guide, synthetic rattan is often used for garden furniture. It has a similar appearance but is much more resilient against harsh weather conditions. When indoors, you can really make use of the beauty of natural rattan. It makes a handsome addition to a conservatory as the space between garden and home. But it can look just a summery in the living room, hallway or bedroom too, adding bohemian flair and bringing that organic texture of the outdoors in.

Summer Decorating Ideas - No.5 Farmhouse Living

5. Farmhouse Living

Add Warmth with Wooden Tableware

Whether dining in or dining alfresco, you can add a summery feel to your kitchen by updating your tableware. At the moment, we're loving wooden tableware for it's rustic texture. It also establishes a subtle connection between outside and in. These beautiful tableware pieces bring a distinctive farmhouse feel to contemporary spaces. Chopping boards and large bowls can also be used on a dining table or sideboard as a country-style display.

Style In Summer Farmhouse Decor

Farmhouse decor is a beautiful summer decorating idea. Ceramic pitchers in creamy colours and detailed with authentic wording make charming farmhouse centrepieces on a table or countertop. Decorate with flowers or artificial stems that are in-keeping with the season. Ornaments and objects depicting farm animals such as pigs, cows, sheep and chickens are not only whimsical, but also add to a farmhouse scheme, creating a summer country cottage aesthetic.