Bring summer indoors with some simple interior design changes to ensure your home shines inside and out this season.

No matter the weather this July, you can be certain that your interior is warm and joyous with our summer decorating ideas. Unfortunately, British summers can be wildly unpredictable and there is no guarantee of fun-filled days with nothing but sunshine. Here at PB Published, the team are remaining optimistic! But, just in case the weather is grim over the coming months, we’ve looked at this years summer decor trends and put together 5 easy summer decorating ideas to bring the sun inside. So, even if it isn’t warm outside, you can transform your home to radiate seasonal summer vibes without the blue skies…

Interior Design Ideas for Summer Indoors

No.1 Fresh & Fragrant

Harmonising Interiors & Garden

Without a doubt, the garden or the outdoor covered patio is the BEST place to be during summertime. This season sees the outdoors humming with the sounds, sights and scents of nature. Vibrant flowers blossoming, bees and butterflies hard at work and who can resist the enchanting aroma of freshly cut grass! So, for our first tip, we’d suggest bringing some of these delightful elements of nature in (although perhaps we’ll agree to leave the bees and the butterflies outside to do their thing).

Sights & Scents of Nature

Begin with something green. Whether that’s a fresh lick of paint on your living room feature wall, a bohemian patterned table cloth or simply a bottle-green vase for the office. Representing renewal, energy and growth, the beautiful hues of green will replicate the tones of your garden lawn during the height of summer. So, we’ve got fresh. Now what about fragrant? The answer to this one is simple – flowers. If you don’t have the energy to invest and regularly renew real flowers, we’d recommend authentic artificial blooms from Parlane and Pavilion Flowers. These faux beauties have a life-like quality and are often mistaken for genuine, freshly cut stems. But, what about the scent? This is easily solved by using a floral perfume. Not only can you quickly and easily refresh your artificial flowers throughout the season, but you can spritz a spectacular scent of summer in any room of the home.

Pavilion Chic Bedside Table Nordic Artificial Orchid LSA Linen Vase

Interior Design Ideas For Summer Indoors - Lemons

No.2 Zingy Citrus

The Bells of St Clements

According to colour psychology, the vibrant tones of yellow and orange invoke an emotional reaction that inspires improved self-esteem, spirits and optimism. That’s why we believe that adding a touch these citrusy colours to your interior during summer will imbue your home with a sun-kissed glow. And the best bit: an injection of summer citrus can be achieved quickly and easily, with minimal effort.

Tangy Interior Tones to Tantalise Taste Buds

Seek out yellows, oranges and even a splash of lime green. These zingy colour combinations come together in a summer home decor cocktail to emulate the heat and taste of a scorching summer sabbatical. Even adding some lively additions to your humble fruit bowl will do the trick. Especially when paired with beautifully toned summer table linen from Le Jacquard Francais. Of course, with the citrus theme in mind, all that’s left to do is sit back, relax and pour yourself a well-earned G&T (it would be rude not to, right?!)

LSA Bar Punch Jug Set Parlane Lemon Tree Le Jacquard Francais Empreintes Vegetales Placemat

Greek Interior Design Inspiration

No.3 Greek Goodness

Reminiscent of a Holiday Abroad

If you’ve ever visited to Mykonos, Corfu, Santorini or any other of the many illustrious Greek islands, you’ll associate the ambience of a Grecian interior with glorious European sunshine, white beaches and picturesque shorelines. Although the same can’t quite be said for UK weather necessarily, you can still imitate a taste of Grecian interior style within your contemporary home this summer.

Characteristic Greek Tones

Recreate the ambience of a Grecian villa by adding a combination of blue and white home accessories and upholstered furniture to your home. Willow pattern ceramics like those from India Jane are great accessory for this look. But if that’s not your style, simply adding contrasting accessories in royal blue tones to vacant white spaces will emulate the beauty of a cool Grecian summer home. For this tip, plenty of natural light is key. Wake up feeling like you’re holidaying in Greece, even when the weather’s grey.

India Jane Urn Pavilion Chic Greek Nest of Tables LSA Batik Vase

Interior Design Ideas for Summer Indoors - Beach House

No.4 Beach House

Childhood Memories

For many, the beach and summertime go hand-in-hand. And if you’re anything like the team here at PB Published, you will have blissful memories of family holidays and trips with friends to the beach from childhood. However, if you’re not lucky enough to reside along the coast but are yearning for a beachside cove to lodge in this summer, we’ve got a way you can echo the air of a summer beach house inside your interior. And the best part is, you can enhance your home into a cosy coastal cottage in any way you like.

A Relaxing Retreat

Nautical wall art, sandy weathered furniture, bareback textures and plenty of natural light – a beach house interior should be anything but statement. Keep summer house decor simple with creamy undertones, fudge-toned woods and natural woven wicker baskets. These earthy tones and natural textures are characteristic of a traditional beach house. However, if you’re eager for a touch of colour, look to the pastel tones of iconic beach huts for inspiration. Before you know it, you’ll soon be envisaging yourself lounging on a beach veranda, breathing in the sea air and listening to the sound of gentle waves from the comfort of your very own home.

Pavilion Chic Striped Club Chair Pavilion Art Sea Cat by Sam Toft Pavilion Chic Distressed Console Table

Interior Design Ideas for Summer Indoors - Lavender

No.5 Lavenders & Lilacs

Soft & Heart-warming Tones

Blossoming from late spring into early summer, the flourishing lavender plant officially marks the beginning of the summer season. Renowned for its soothing properties and delightful scent, we can see why lavender is a garden favourite. But it’s not only the plant that takes our fancy. Lavender and lilac tones are fabulous throughout the summer season. A short distance from our Cotswold home lies the Forest of Dean. A filming location for blockbuster films such as Harry Potter and Star Wars, this area of natural beauty sees lavender grow in abundance during the summer season, fashioning a blanket of purple florals beneath the trees.

Incorporate Without the Need For Florals

Real lavender is ideal. But for those who don’t wish to use the real thing, artificial lavender stems and lilac toned furniture and accessories are a great alternative. Purples, aubergines and lavender tones are an excellent match with olive, bottle-green and emerald. So, accessorising with tableware from the likes of LSA, purple glass tea light holders and Parlane planters will nourish your interior with the calming hues and soft tones of lavender.

Artificial Lavender Flowers in Pot Parlane Lavender Planter Eichholtz Trezzo Lilac Accent Chair