From the casual style of modern farmhouse interiors to statement lighting and bold accent pieces - this year's home interior design trends have got everyone talking. Our stylists have researched the forecasts and outlined some of this year's best interior trends below. Read on to find out more...

Top 2018 Trends - Modern Farmhouse

Modern Farmhouse

Rural chic meets traditional vintage aesthetics with Modern Farmhouse. Think worn-out metalwork, distressed chalky wood and creamy, natural undertones - this trend pairs the character of rural escapes with everyday practicality. Match wicker with chunky comfort, bronze home accessories with original brick detailing and unfinished ceramics with a splash of natural greenery.

Modern Farmhouse is the epitome of minimalism and simplicity whilst adding warmth and country cottage character to contemporary urban homes. Breathe some warmth into your interior and transform your home into the perfect hideaway for long gloomy evenings with a no-fuss farmhouse attitude.

Top 2018 Trends - Metal and Texture

Metal & Texture

Industrial raw meets stylishly polished with this rough and ready home interior trend. Familiar with the infamous copper, rose gold and chrome combinations, household furnishings are set to mix things up, teaming organic texture with shiny surfaces for a rustic design with a refined twist. Warm-toned fixtures sit harmoniously beside stainless-steel appliances. Matte brushed finishes complement glossy metal accents. All alongside a layered mosaic of patchy iron framework and sleek mirrored worktops. This trend sees high gloss go up against harsh matte finishes to create a look that pairs the organic, the untreated and the engineered with modern-day glam.

Mix, match, layer or overlay - whatever your interior style, get creative with the existing rustic spaces or muted corners of your contemporary home with textured metal accents and glossy accessories that add a little life to your interior. Browse our selection of rough and ready furniture and accessories online.

Top 2018 Trends - Vintage Lighting

Vintage Lighting

Industrial-style copper centrepieces, retro old-fashioned lanterns and weathered tinny highlights - vintage lighting is making a striking comeback. Hang exposed pendant lighting low over natural wood dining tables, large-fitting retro desk lamps alongside unfinished walls and rugged iron lanterns with chunky chain-link accessories.

This trend sees one-of-a-kind, rustic quality meet brilliant earthy textures and glossy overhanging features complement bright, exposed living spaces. Blending mid 20th century styles with 21st century practicality, now’s the time to extinguish modern contemporary luxe and illuminate the natural tones of your home with the intimate glow of vintage lighting - the more untraditional, the better!

Top 2018 Trends - Bold Sofas

Bold Sofas

Feisty yellows, vivid greens and fearless hot pink upholstery, bright sofas are all about making a striking statement in your interior. Dare to be bold with your colour choices - place rich navy armchairs alongside off-white sofas, unreserved purples against uniquely framed loveseats and adventurous floral patterning in muted homely corners.

This trend is perfect for the light and airy interior that has always been yearning for a splash of colour. Whether your style is vintage-classic or modern-contemporary, a sofa with bold personality will turn heads in any home looking for a little attention. Be brave with royal blues, courageous with bright oranges and fearless with wild fluorescents and liven up dated living rooms in need of a touch of colour.