Not for the faint-heartened, the maximalist interior design trend is certainly the biggest and boldest design style out there. If you find yourself drawn to bold colours, vibrant patterns and displaying all your favourite pieces of art, furniture and treasures at once, then read on to discover how to incorporate maximalist decor into your home.

'I’ve always been a maximalist, a lover of ornamentation. When I start a room design, I think about how I can make an empty space give joy.'

Mathew Williamson, Fashion and Interior Designer.
Maximalist style (mattress from a selection at Hypnos)

What is Maximalism?

'More is more' is the approach to maximalist decor. It's all about embracing excess. Layering colours, patterns and ornaments in a curated way that allows your personality and self-expression to show through. The maximalist trend has seen a surge in popularity over recent years, as people are looking for ways to combine vintage pieces - often inherited - with their modern style. A shift away from stark, minimalist styles, maximalism celebrates different styles and designs (whether old or new) all styled together in a considered way that showcases all that you love and have collected over the years.

Let's take a look at some maximalist decor ideas.

1. Embrace colour

If you're someone who is drawn to vibrant or dramatic colours and not afraid to paint them all over your walls, then maximalist decor is for you. Take the style literally and maximise the amount of space you cover. Walls, ceilings and skirting boards all get the paint treatment. Either in contrasting colours (think dark walls with vibrant woodwork) or paint the same shade over the entire lot. Discover our selection of Farrow & Ball paints to choose a shade that matches your personality.

2. Layer patterns

Exuberant patterns and textured materials are key to creating the maximalist look. No plain patterns here. But do remember to keep everything looking balanced. A floral cushion paired with a classic ticking stripe will create a harmonious feel and give the eye a chance to rest. It's not about clashing everything. A patterned cushion against a vibrant pink sofa will achieve the look perfectly, whilst retaining balance and scale. Florals, ikats, animal prints and stripes are all classic patterns that work well when layered together.

3. Mix old and new

If you've inherited a beautiful antique piece of furniture then now is the time to style it up. A modern lamp on an antique dresser will create a unique maximalist setting. Layer it up with your favourite ornaments, new and old, and you have achieved the look. Likewise vintage pieces mixed with modern furniture works well.

4. Maximise Accessories

Accessories are a great way to really showcase your personality. Whether you love collecting vintage china or modern ceramic bowls, it's all about displaying them in excess. A vintage dresser full of collected objects will create a striking focal point. Curiosities and things that make you happy are key to achieving the maximalist look.

5. Create a gallery wall

Fill a wall with artwork to create a gallery effect. Vintage frames, drawings, paintings, wall art, mirrors - anything goes. Ensure consistent spacing between each piece to create harmony, and balance the variety of artwork. Different sized frames will give a quirky feel, while a streamlined display of artwork in the same sized frames will work just as well. The key is excess. Maximise the amount of space above a sofa or in a hallway and fill it with frames.

Maximalist decor is all about having fun with your decor and staying true to what you love. Embrace the excess and you can't go far wrong.

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