Introducing Living Coral, the Pantone Colour of the Year 2019. Individuals and interior designers alike eagerly await the announcement of Pantone’s Colour of the Year each December with bated breath. Regarded as innovators of the ‘universal language of colour’, each year since 2007 Pantone have revealed what they regard as their annual favourite, set to influence the colour industry in more ways than one. And this year is no exception.

What is Living Coral?

A Mellow Yet Playful Shade

Living Coral (Hex Code: FA7268) takes inspiration from what lies beneath the gentle waves of the sea, uncovering a truly energising form of colour. This is a vibrant and nurturing hue that plays with expression, mesmerising both the eye and the mind. Enriched with a sociable and spirited nature, this engaging shade contains golden undertones that provide a mellow yet effervescent quality. The colour portrays lively and playful hues blended with a distinctive softer edge that encompasses light-hearted warmth and nourishment. It is a reflection of our constantly shifting environment, providing comfort and buoyancy in the fast pace of daily modern life.

What Colours Go with Living Coral?

Experiment with Hues

Incorporating Pantone Living Coral into interiors can be executed in one of two ways. For the bold, this vivid shade of coral colour makes the perfect basis for a statement feature wall. For the more muted palette, we’d recommend something a little more subtle. Bare this acclaimed shade right back to its basics with soft, serene hues to achieve a calm and contemporary interior scheme that oozes sophistication.

How to Style Pantone’s Colour of the Year

Incorporate Into Interior Schemes

You can style this hue into your home with just a simple furniture and accessory swaps. Shop our serene Living Coral edit below for some insights into how you can accentuate the vibrant yet mellow spirit of this colour in your own home...