Looking for this year's most sought after looks for 2022? We've got 5 of the best interior design trends that this year has to offer. Will any be as influential as last year’s Japandi trend? Or will Dulux’s colour of the year be influencing our interior palettes? Read on for details about our top 5 sensational trend predictions and find out how to get the look in your home this year.

Interior Trend No.1

Curve Appeal

In one form or another, the curve has influenced our interior style for the past few years, whether we knew it or not. From 2020's subtle scallops or 2019's dramatic curved sofas, rounded and circular forms have been an underlying trend for years - and are set to continue to be so throughout 2022.

Move Aside Straight Lines

This year, curves are back. Say goodbye to straight lines and angular forms; this trend is all about the curve. Say it with a statement curved sofa and pairing with rounded pouffes, coffee tables and side tables to bring softness to a room. Alternatively, create a focal point of your wall decor with a circular shelf or artwork piece.

Interior Trend No.2

Limitless Luxe

Luxury knows no bounds, even when it comes to interiors. The Limitless Luxe trend is all about bringing an essence of luxury to every space of your home; not only living rooms, kitchens and bedrooms but utility rooms, under the stairs and passed-by empty windowsills. Rejuvenate forgotten spaces with carefully chosen details to extend the luxury to every inch of your home.

No Need to Break the Bank

This simple trend is all about the small stuff so there's no need to consider a complete room re-design. Everyone's definition of luxury is different. Maybe it's swapping your general office bin for one with a stylish shagreen effect. Updating a plain vanity mirror to a more up-to-date design with a vibrant gold finish. Even adding some style a small cloakroom with a chic soap dispenser set. This trend is an excellent excuse to bring luxury and style to even the most mundane and practical items in your home.

Interior Trend No.3: Lake it ‘til You Make It
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Interior Trend No.3

Lake it ‘til You Make It

Move over afternoons on the beach. It's time for summers by the lake. 2022 is the year of summer lake aesthetic and with it the revival of nautical decor.

Summer Lake Aesthetic

Instead of portholes, rope and seashells, opt for lake-inspired accessories. Earthy wooden tones are perfect for this trend, replicating the wooden planks of lake jettys. Casually lean large wooden oars in entrance halls and backdoors, ready and waiting for your next canoe trip. Alternatively, bring rooms to life with beautiful model boats.

Interior Trend No.4

Hellenistic Revival

This year's interior trends predict that we will witness the revival of Hellenistic style. Think detailed bust sculptures, ornate columns and inspired geometric patterns. Taken from the Grecian word Hellazein meaning to speak Greek or identify with the Greeks, Hellenistic style is set to bring impressive decadence to our homes inspired by the art and architecture of ancient Greece.

Inspired by Ancient Greece

Create the revival in your own home using classic Grecian colours of blue, white and gold. Go traditional with Corinthian details and finials or channel a more modern aesthetic with geometric lines across rugs, trays and home accessories.

Interior Trend No.5

Clockwork Aesthetic

Timepieces are more popular than ever. From large oversized wall clocks and ornamental clocks for shelf and mantelpiece to designer wristwatches, the way we tell time has gone back to basics. For years, large wall mounted clocks have become a core feature of contemporary kitchen design and this trend is set to continue into 2022.

Statement Timepieces

Say statement with a large skeleton wall clock. Old-school roman numerals are all the rage, bringing a traditional twist to modern settings. Alternatively, swap futuristic digital alarm clocks at the bedside for something much more in-keeping with your interior style.

The Latest Interior Design Trends 2022

Seen a style that's caught your eye? Perhaps it's something new to bring fresh life to your home this year. Or maybe it's a trend you've seen before, making a comeback for 2022. Whatever your style, shop our new designer furniture, lighting and accessories for the latest on-trend interior looks for your home throughout the year.

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