Majestic Stag Watercolour Framed Print by Lisa Jayne Holmes

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Stag Watercolour Painting

Majestic Stag by Lisa Jayne Holmes looks beautiful in country and contemporary settings. This framed print depicts a handsome stag in watercolour with lifelike levels of detail and washes of brown, red, purple and blue. The fluid brushstrokes bring movement to the print, from the flutter of the stag’s eyelashes to the twitch of its ears.

Lisa Jayne Holmes Prints

Lisa Jayne Holmes pairs her passion for natural wildlife with her love of painting. Her work is dynamic and energetic, using delicate and spontaneous brushstrokes alongside vivid colours to bring the animals in her art to life. Based in Cheshire, Lisa works primarily with watercolour on a white backdrop, allowing her artistic designs to sparkle at the forefront of a blank space.

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