Luxury Furniture

Ornamental faux books are valued by curators, art directors and interior designers for their authentic appearance, where they can sit alongside classic books completely undetected. Faux Books run a bespoke service creating faux antiquated books for ornamental and decorative purposes. They create authentic reproductions from genuine antique leather books, either sourced at auction or borrowed from libraries and private collections. A team of highly trained craftsmen produce each individual spine by hand, individually colouring, gilding and waxing them to create spines with an antique patina.

The process allows for a superior finish to make the books indistinguishable from the old preserved books admired by so many. These faux books are easily obtained, quickly fitted and a fraction of the cost of real antique volumes. They will add a touch of sophisticated elegance to any gentleman’s office or study. Also available are a fantastic selection of officeware and unusual finds, such as these interesting bookends and paperweights, also inspired by antique artefacts. 

Create the most stylish living spaces with our unrivalled selection of high end, luxury furniture sourced from the world’s most exclusive brands.  From traditional furniture handcrafted using artisan techniques, to sleek, contemporary furniture, we have collections to suit every taste and style.  Our interior designers have sourced only the finest pieces, with an eye for a timeless-luxe appeal that is the signature "Pavilion Broadway" style. Whether you are looking for designer living room furniture to create a luxurious haven, luxurious bedroom furniture for the ultimate in relaxation or timeless dining room furniture, our selection boasts the finest pieces from around the globe!