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Buy from the complete Jonathan Charles furniture collection. In our eyes, perhaps the finest quality reproduction furniture in the world. Their English designer, Jonathan Sowter, himself designs each piece inspired from 18th and 19th century English and French furniture. Jonathan Charles specialise in handmade furniture, making each piece truly unique and breathtaking in its own way. You can see just how much time and effort goes into each of Jonathan Charles' pieces by watching our specialised videos.

See the fine marquetry detailing, hand painted furniture, hand carving and églomisé glass work during creation. Many of these skills have sadly been lost in the UK today; however, Jonathan Charles brings these old skills back to life in their fine antique replica furniture and accessories. Why not visit our spectacular Pavilion Broadway Showrooms in Broadway, the Cotswolds, to experience our stunning Jonathan Charles furniture incorporated into our inspirational room settings. You will be amazed at how well this timeless antique replica reproduction furniture mixes into contemporary as well as classical settings.

Jonathan Charles go to great lengths to make each individual piece of furniture appear as if it were an original antique. Many antiques look great on the outside but structurally the adhesives and materials used are beginning to show the test of time. Jonathan Charles skillfully go out of their way to bring out the natural beauty within each piece, not only by using the very best materials, but also via their expert craftsmanship. They are an incredibly self-sufficient English company, with out-sourcing kept to a minimum. This is the case not only with the furniture but they also make their own detailed locks, keys, screws and hinges. For more infomation, see our video on Jonathan Charles Brass Hardware. This gives Jonathan Charles greater control over the quality and the details of their pieces, as well as making sure that only the very best materials from sustainable sources are used. An example of a Jonathan Charles detailed lock and key is pictured on the right.

Wood is a natural material and as such, its colour, detail and characteristics vary enormously. Other companies may use finishing techniques that make every piece of wood look the same. We believe that in doing this, the natural beauty is lost. Pavilion Broadway's aim is to source pieces that are full of character and most exclusive to your home. That's why we trust Jonathan Charles to create the perfect pieces for us with the time, attention and care that is required for this. Every piece of wood is unique. Therefore every piece of Jonathan Charles furniture is unique as well, as this character is retained.

Another skilled technique used by Jonathan Charles to enhance their reproduction furniture is églomisé. This is a very old technique dating back to the Pre-Roman era. The materials and technique used by Jonathan Charles to recreate this are exactly the same as those developed during its original era. The process is extremely delicate, and the end result of Jonathan Charles' églomisé process is to make the piece look old. Click here to see examples of églomisé products. It is not a mass-produced or automated  process, so the églomisé pieces will also vary in clarity and character, making each piece sentimental and unique to your home. Many Jonathan Charles  desks, tables and chairs will feature the use of Leather too. At Jonathan  Charles they pride their selves on the use of genuine cows leather. Their  methods include buying this leather untreated and doing all of the colouring process themselves. The finish they use has been developed to make the leather look as old and authentically antique as possible. Similar to wood, each piece of leather is varied and tells a different story about its journey to you. As it gets older and more used, it will look increasingly antique and full of character.