World Globes & Vintage Compasses

For those with a passion for travel and adventure, a vintage compass is a handsome accessory and talking point, whilst a world globe will spark the imaginations of adults and children alike! Authentic Models are leaders in antique world globe reproduction and this collection sees many exquisite designs brought to life under their influence, including revolving globes and floor standing alternatives. The art of globe mapping thrived during the age of travel and exploration when the great voyagers of the world located new horizons and charted their discoveries for countries to lay claim to. The beauty and historical significance of vintage world globes is captured beautifully in this charismatic collection, becoming desirable decorative objects. These earth globes are available in a range of small and large sizes, some on stands and some without, offering spectacular depictions of the world atlas in varying shades of colour and detail. 

In past eras where intricately charted maps and the internet weren’t available, a compass was a travelling essential for explorers all over the world. Sometimes travellers would be guided only by a simple compass, not necessarily knowing where they were headed! Our selection of vintage compasses and antique pocket compasses replicate those with a rich historical heritage, becoming a highly desired collector’s item. Evocative of nautical and military objects, these replica antique compasses are in full working order, made using glass and brass finishes with intricate navigational detail for added authenticity.

World Globes & Compasses

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