Vintage Models

Step in and discover a curated selection of classic and vintage models at Pavilion Broadway! Reminiscent of cherished antique heirlooms and vintage accessories of days gone by, our broad vintage model selection caters to a variety of tastes – from classic car models and nautical themed accessories to vintage model aircraft and captivating balance toys. A brand synonymous with creating exquisite depictions of past-era beauty, Authentic Models sits most prominently throughout this collection, demonstrating a skill for translating beautiful objects of the past like no other. Their selection of globes and compasses celebrate the age of travel and exploration, while their balance toys bring back fond memories of childhood years. The hot air balloons are some of our best-selling vintage models, each one carefully hand-applied with strips of colour and a miniature woven basket. Providing enjoyment for adults and children alike, these model hot air balloons make a breath-taking feature in windows, above the fireplace or in children’s bedrooms.

For those with a passion for the classics, our vintage models are each intricately made with great attention to detail to provide the most authentic and characteristic finish possible. Every replica is instilled with its own personality, translating the heritage of the past into accessories for the modern world. Our vintage models are handsomely decorative and make beautiful gifts for loved ones on an extra special occasion. Explore our vast array of classic models below and discover a vintage car, steamboat, Spitfire plane or magnifying glass to cherish for years to come!

Vintage Models

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  1. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloons Thin Stripe - Small

    From £13.80

  2. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Replica Thin Stripe - Large

    From £72.60

  3. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Replica Thin Stripe - Medium

    From £33.40

  4. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Us

    From £22.01

  5. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloons Thick Stripe - Small

    From £19.40

  6. Authentic Models

    Balance Toy Queen Balance

    Regular Price £89.00 Special Price £71.20
  7. Authentic Models

    Bantam Midget Model Car

    From £285.19

  8. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Red Check

    From £22.01

  9. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Red Hearts

    From £22.01

  10. Authentic Models

    Royal Aero, Us

    Regular Price £99.00 Special Price £79.20
  11. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloons Thick Stripe - Medium

    From £35.59

  12. Authentic Models

    Bb Korn Model Car

    From £406.01

  13. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloon Replica Extra Large

    From £170.40

  14. Authentic Models

    Endeavour Yacht Model

    From £141.19

  15. Authentic Models

    Hot Air Balloons Thick Stripe - Large

    From £79.20

  16. Authentic Models

    Biscay Fishing Boat

    From £36.00

  17. Authentic Models

    Biscay Fishing Boat, Red

    Regular Price £45.00 Special Price £36.00
  18. Authentic Models

    Tender Oar

    From £83.59

  19. Authentic Models

    Balance Toy Princess

    Regular Price £89.00 Special Price £71.21
  20. Authentic Models

    Balance Toy Rope Walker

    Regular Price £89.00 Special Price £71.21
  21. Authentic Models

    Balance Toy, Queen of Hearts

    Regular Price £89.00 Special Price £71.21
  22. Authentic Models

    Red Sailer Boat

    Regular Price £36.00 Special Price £28.80

22 Items

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