Vintage Propellers & Oars

Vintage airplane propellers and decorative oars capture the character of historical aircraft and ships in stunning detail. For those with a enthusiasm for great machines of the past, our Authentic Models propellers make captivating wall decor, creating faithful replicas of classic aircraft such as the WWII Sopwith. These aircraft and boat propellers are a respectful celebration of history, designed with absolute precision and decorated with the finest of details to ensure an authentic appearance. For a nod to the nautical and navigational, wooden boat oars can be used to frame a doorway, decorate an empty corner or even be affixed above kitchen counters for hanging pots, pans and utensils!

Discover a selection of airplane propellers and decorative oars to suit your interior style. These captivating accessories will create a talking point amongst friends and family members, whilst also injecting a hint of personality into your interior space. Whether decorative or collector’s items, some of our propeller and oar wall decor features additional functionality, offering an innovative and stylish way to disguise and make a decoration of coat racks and wall hooks.

Vintage Propellers & Oars

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  1. Authentic Models

    Propeller Small with 4 Blades

    Regular Price £110.75 Special Price £88.60
  2. Authentic Models

    Sopwith Propeller Small

    Regular Price £144.00 Special Price £115.20
  3. Authentic Models

    Baby Prop, Ivory/black

    Regular Price £62.50 Special Price £49.99
  4. Authentic Models

    Propeller Wwi Black Tips Vintage

    Regular Price £243.00 Special Price £194.40
  5. Authentic Models

    Replica Lifeboat Oar

    Regular Price £104.50 Special Price £83.60
  6. Authentic Models

    Propeller Four Blade Wooden

    Regular Price £286.25 Special Price £229.00
  7. Authentic Models

    Wwi Wood Propellor, Small

    Regular Price £105.50 Special Price £84.40
  8. Authentic Models

    Wwi Vintage Propeller, Large

    Regular Price £201.76 Special Price £161.40
  9. Authentic Models

    Large Royal Barge Oar

    Regular Price £99.76 Special Price £79.80
  10. Authentic Models

    Plane Sopwith Propeller in Silver

    Regular Price £145.75 Special Price £116.60
  11. Authentic Models

    Vintage Flight Propeller

    Regular Price £239.50 Special Price £191.60

20 Items

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