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Be it for wall, mantel, desk or bedside, our selection of designer clocks spans a diverse range styles to suit a variety of interior settings. Large wall clocks from the likes of Libra and Pavilion Chic look beautiful in kitchens and spacious dining areas, creating symmetry across an interior and making a focal point of otherwise empty wall spaces. These wall clock designs are supremely stylish and are available in a range of traditional and ultra-modern designs in the form of skeletal and sunburst framework, marble effect clock faces and metallic tones inspired by art deco colour contrasts. Our designer clock selection isn’t limited just to wall clocks, however. Table top and designer mantel clocks by Authentic Models are imbued with a nautical or classic appeal, whilst Eichholtz offer a variety of creative clock designs, including a number of clocks that look like watches – made with leather straps, metal lugs and crowns to replicate the appearance of a classic wristwatch! These unique clock designs are stylish and striking, making a sophisticated feature and talking point of your bookcase or a beautiful gift for friends and family members.

Ultimately, clocks should simply tell time. But we know that when it comes to interior design, a clock is so much more than just a functional object. Our collection of designer clocks have been chosen by our interior design team as pieces to enhance your home, proving that mantel and wall clocks can be both fashionable and functional. Explore our array of modern clock designs online below including both analogue and roman numerals, contemporary and vibrant colours and clocks in the form of any kind - vintage propellers, classic airplanes and even disguised within diving helmets! You can also visit us in-store to view a spectacular selection of clocks on display, including traditional station designs and our best-selling Smarty Clock by Libra.


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