Clearance Duresta Footstools

Find a desirably priced Duresta footstool to complete your living room from our extensive Duresta Clearance selection, including Duresta’s popular Coffee Stool. Our collection spans a variety of designs so that you can find the perfect piece to match your sofa set. Whether its’s for resting feet, a versatile coffee table substitute or a temporary seat for extra guests, a Duresta footstool offers outstanding quality and long-lasting craftmanship. Each Duresta clearance footstool was made for a photoshoot, as part of a cancelled order or previously used for display purposes. For this reason, some stools may show slight signs of wear, but most are in excellent condition, made with the same level of time and craftsmanship of any other Duresta piece. A treasure trove for those looking for something in particular, this range of footstools come in an array of neutral and statement fabrics to either blend in or stand out amongst your interior. Some have castors; others have metal legs. Some are made with internal storage; others are a fixed cushion top. Discover the perfect Duresta footstool to suit your requirements and interior desires below or visit us in-store to view our Duresta Clearance Sale on the first floor of our Tewkesbury showroom.

Clearance Footstools

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  1. Duresta

    Hollister Designer Footstool Audrey Truffle

    Regular Price £688.98 Special Price £516.73
  2. Duresta

    Frasier Footstool Hepburn Nero

    Regular Price £997.82 Special Price £748.37
  3. Duresta

    Clearance Marcel Stool Corngold Limestone

    Regular Price £860.04 Special Price £430.02
  4. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Kubla Khan in Verona Slate

    Regular Price £1,559.00 Special Price £779.50
  5. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Lygon in Brillante Cream

    Regular Price £1,476.00 Special Price £738.00
  6. Duresta

    Footstool Harrington in Oscar Stripe Silver Birch

    Regular Price £852.00 Special Price £426.00
  7. Duresta

    Clearance Bredon Stool in Traccia Multi Cadet Blue

    Regular Price £1,435.00 Special Price £717.50
  8. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Brooklyn in Harrow Navy

    Regular Price £887.00 Special Price £443.50
  9. Duresta

    Clearance Coffee Stool Small Coney Cranberry

    Regular Price £367.00 Special Price £183.50
  10. Duresta

    Clearance Footstool Harvard Monarch Mulberry

    Regular Price £772.00 Special Price £463.20
  11. Duresta

    Lewis Large Stool in Aviator Luna

    Regular Price £1,182.00 Special Price £709.20

13 Items

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