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Looking for an accompaniment for your Duresta sofa? Explore our range of Duresta Clearance chairs, Duresta armchairs and Duresta wing chairs at a selection of desirable discounts to create a luxury look for less. This Duresta Clearance collection is a treasure trove for those seeking something in particular. Whether it's a chair to sit alongside the sofa in your living room or an accent piece to add life and intrigue to an interior, our chairs explore a variety of upholstery, tones and design statements. Superb in quality, the chairs in this selection were previously Duresta ex-display, used for a photoshoot or part of cancelled order. For this reason, some chairs may show slight signs of wear, however most are like new and in excellent condition. Each chair has been handmade with the same level of craftsmanship and attention to detail of any other Duresta piece. Discover a selection of armchairs at desirable discounts online here or visit us in-store to try and test models before you buy in our Duresta Clearance Sale on the first floor of our Tewkesbury showroom.

Clearance Chairs

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  1. Duresta

    Clearance Tokyo Armchair in Balance Grid Cadet Blue

    Regular Price £1,519.00 Special Price £759.50
  2. Duresta

    Clearance Finsbury Chair in Hexham Geo Midnight

    Regular Price £1,725.00 Special Price £862.50
  3. Duresta

    Clearance Greenwich Armchair in Traccia Multi Cadet Blue

    Regular Price £1,376.00 Special Price £688.00
  4. Duresta

    Clearance Armchair Lanhydrock in Wreath Indigo Fern

    Regular Price £1,869.00 Special Price £747.60
  5. Duresta

    Clearance Belton Chair in Gardenia Blue Sand

    Regular Price £1,929.00 Special Price £771.60
  6. Duresta

    Clearance Mulholland Chair Starry Kingfisher

    Regular Price £1,212.00 Special Price £484.80

7 Items

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