Flush & Semi Flush Ceiling Lights

Our selection of designer flush lights and semi flush ceiling lights ensure that no matter your interior size or taste, there is a lighting piece suited to your requirements in both function and elegance. Their petite stature sits directly against the ceiling, making the humble flush light perfect for the interior with low ceilings or smaller home, whilst semi flush ceiling lights provide a similar short style with beautiful arms or fittings that sit just below the ceiling above. This collection spans a myriad of modern, unusual and contemporary designs from brands including Eichholtz and Pavilion Chic, providing perfect lighting for hallways, bathrooms, kitchens or any room of your home seeking a high-end luxury finish.

Copper, nickel and rich brass tones encompass our flush ceiling light collection, crafting creations in metal, glass and crystal to extend stunning illumination into even the smallest of interior spaces. Browse the full flush light and semi flush ceiling light range below, certain to imbue your home with a warming glow and glistening presence.

Flush Lights

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  1. Eichholtz

    Ceiling Light Soleil

    From £1,485.00

  2. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Nauru Crystal Glass

    From £148.00

  3. Pavilion Chic

    Flush Ceiling Light Alecto Fluted Glass

    From £158.00

  4. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Myron in Copper

    From £75.00

  5. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Pallas

    From £188.00

  6. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Panos Crystal

    From £138.00

  7. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Saturn Crystal

    From £134.00

  8. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Bowman

    From £140.00

  9. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Athena with Drop Crystals

    From £164.00

  10. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Appollo Crystal

    From £134.00

  11. Pavilion Chic

    Flush Ceiling Light Appollo with Crystal Balls

    From £140.00

  12. Pavilion Chic

    Round Ceiling Light Phoenix

    From £80.00

  13. Pavilion Chic

    Ceiling Light Phoenix

    From £105.00

  14. Eichholtz

    Ceiling Light Axel in White Glass

    From £895.00

  15. Eichholtz

    Lamp Ceiling Kasbah

    From £735.00

  16. Eichholtz

    Lamp Ceiling Residential

    From £895.00

  17. Eichholtz

    Cornwall Ceiling Light

    From £685.00

  18. Eichholtz

    Stamford Ceiling Light

    From £655.00

36 Items

per page
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