Artificial Garlands & Wreaths

Explore our selection of Christmas wreaths and garlands to decorate your home both inside and out this December. An iconic statement on front and interior doors throughout the home, Christmas wreaths are a classic decoration that signifies the spirit of the individuals within. Our luxury Christmas wreaths can be placed anywhere in the home to create instant festivity. Artificial garlands are perfect for placement on windowsills, fireplaces and interweaved between the bannisters of staircases. Our evergreen and winter flower garlands span a range of styles from richly red berried blooms to traditional frosted garlands to incorporate into a winter wonderland inspired theme. Take your decoration one step further by pairing our Christmas wreaths and garlands with a beautiful array of festive faux flowers. This year’s fresh artificial blooms and poinsettias have arrived, selected by our team to work seamlessly alongside our seasonal festive foliage.

Christmas Wreaths & Garlands

The humble front door wreath instils your home with an instant sense of Christmas. Crafted to withstand the outdoor winter weather, we’d recommend placing our artificial wreaths on exterior doors under the shelter of a small roof or porch to ensure that their beauty lasts for years to come. Luxury Christmas garlands for staircases are a captivating way to add festivity to stairwells and hallway spaces that might otherwise be ignored, especially when used alongside a string of Christmas lights. By decorating your stairs, a fluid Christmas scheme is created throughout all aspects of your home. More traditionally, Christmas garlands for fireplaces are used to adorn mantelpieces alongside ornaments and stockings, creating a focal point in living rooms to marvel and enjoy.

Garlands & Wreaths

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