Roberto Giovannini

Roberto Giovannini brings us a collection of only the very finest hand carved, hand finished Italian furniture, accessories and lighting. From start to finish these treasured objects are completed in Italy using high-quality traditional Italian craftsmanship. From his apprenticeship at the prestigious Bottega Art Bartolozzi and Maioki in the artisan district of Florence in the 1950s, Maestro Roberto Giovannni developed a passion for wood, a living and malleable material, and for wood carving as a form of artistic expression.

His love for traditional methods of craftsmanship and exquisite manual processing has combined with the benefits of modern technology, strict technical planning and direct management. This ideal balance between modernity and tradition has led to a fantastic, unique and exclusive collection.

Today, the exquisite eye for detail and the use of traditional manufacturing methods ensures that no two Giovannini pieces are the same. The company are the true heirs of the great Florentine traditions of classic style, respect and proportions and the unparalleled luxury of the pieces ensures their unique lasting beauty.

The wide range of finishes from contemporary lacquer to a multitude of different gilded finishes meets the high demands of different decor schemes and provides a large variety of choice. The opulent mirrors, lamps and bed headboards most effectively demonstrate the elaborate and extravagant style of the quintessiential Giovannini Italian hand gilded carvings. The elaborate stone statues and pillars are particularly striking, and complete the Mediterranean look and feel to the stunning home accessories.

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