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Peony Artificial Flowers

Recognised by the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) for floral excellence, handmade Peony artificial flowers offer some of the most life-like arrangements around. Inspired by the beautiful rolling hills of the Shropshire countryside, Peony artificial flowers add life and fresh colour to any interior without the need for regular maintenance and commitment that genuine flower arrangements require. From single stems to large greenery centrepieces, Peony artificial flowers and accessories are simply divine and can be paired with one of their carefully curated natural oil scents which can be sprayed gently onto petals or spritzed around the home for a life-like floral aroma and ‘real flower’ effect!

Peony have been hand-making glorious high-quality artificial flowers in the heart of the Shropshire countryside for over 16 years. Their dedicated florists design and create these life-like accessories with meticulous care and artistry, striving to create a selection of faux flowers that are as true to the genuine entity as possible. As well as fresh and natural scents, Peony offer a selection of flowers and greenery set into glass vases with their very own clear artificial still water to ensure a long-lasting, magnifying effect that’s so life-like you can simply add real water and fresh stems to your own bespoke arrangement to fool even the most observant of your friends and family.

Peony Artificial Flowers

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  1. Peony

    Pink Artificial Sweet Pea Spray Height 66cm

    Regular Price £4.00 Special Price £1.99
  2. Peony

    Artificial Rose Stem Red Height 30cm

    Regular Price £1.75 Special Price £0.88
  3. Peony

    Peony Salal Leaves Spray Green Height 75cm

    Regular Price £4.00 Special Price £2.00
  4. Peony

    Artificial Lavender Pick Dark Purple Height 25cm

    Regular Price £1.80 Special Price £0.90
  5. Peony

    Artificial Anemone Stem Light Pink Height 32cm

    Regular Price £2.40 Special Price £1.20
  6. Peony

    Roses in Mirror Cube Velvet Red

    Regular Price £43.20 Special Price £21.60
  7. Peony

    Artificial Freesia Fuschia

    Regular Price £4.50 Special Price £2.26
  8. Peony

    Artificial Palm Spray Green Height 120cm

    Regular Price £12.50 Special Price £6.25
  9. Peony

    Roses in Mirror Cube Purple

    Regular Price £43.20 Special Price £21.60
  10. Peony

    Dark Purple Artificial Sweet Pea Spray Height 66cm

    Regular Price £4.00 Special Price £1.99
  11. Peony

    Artificial Lily Pink Height 85cm

    Regular Price £6.50 Special Price £3.25
  12. Peony

    Greenery in a Large Jug

    Regular Price £49.00 Special Price £24.50

12 Items

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