Culinary Concepts

Renowned primarily for their hand made stainless steel cutlery, Culinary Concepts produce a wide assortment of tableware, serveware, accessories, furniture and lighting. Catering for every meal and dining experience - from homemade family meals to sophisticated dinner parties - table and serveware is available in a variety of designs. Why not enjoy a romantic breakfast in bed with the Amore heart toast rack, or display delicious nibbles at parties and informal get-togethers with the charming leaf bowls!

If you have a specific interest or wish to tailor your dining experience further, Culinary Concepts also produce tableware with specific themes. Be inspired by nature with the woodland range of table accessories, all created with an eye for the beauty of the natural world, or set sail with the nautical-themed seashore range, ideal for serving delicious seafood. All produced with fine hand made craftsmanship and beautiful stainless steel and nickel, these are high quality products that will suit your every occasion.

Culinary Concepts lighting is wonderfully diverse, coming in a range of desklamps, made with adjustable arms, curves or joints to ensure the correct spread of light for reading. Also available are a plethora of beautiful storm lanterns and candle holders, with the option of equestrian horse bit lanterns, outdoors Tonto lanterns or quintessential classic lanterns to bring light to dining tables or gardens.