ALF Italia Furniture

Entirely designed and made in Italy, designer furniture by ALF Italia is simply luscious in appeal and form, offering one of the strongest finishes available for home surfaces without compromising on quality or aesthetic. Dating as far back as the 1950s, ALF furniture is renowned for its ultra high-gloss veneer, each piece applied with six layers of translucent lacquer, heat sealed and buffed for a bright and crisp finish that accentuates the true beauty and grain of the wood veneer beneath it. This third generation family-run Italian brand take pride in their design innovation, finish quality and furniture creativity, beauty, function and balance at the heart of every piece they create.

Based in the picturesque countryside of Francenigo, Treviso at the heart of Northern Italy, ALF furniture begins with genuine timber veneer, stained and heat sealed to add life and unique character to each surface. To achieve the ultra high-gloss finish that this Italian furniture brand is renowned for, the veneer is then applied with a tried and tested specialist process – sprayed with lacquer in an airtight chamber to prevent dust or impurities in the finish and then buffed to smoothen ripples – repeated five times to ensure the most resilient of finishes. A sleek, clean and crisp base now set, the lacquer is glazed with one last even layer of polyester lacquer and dried under UV light for additional shine, durability and protection against clouding or dulling over time.

ALF Italia Furniture

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  1. ALF Italia

    Bedside Cabinet Heritage with Mirrored Top

    From £793.00

  2. ALF Italia

    Sideboard Cabinet Heritage with Mirrored Top

    From £1,977.00

  3. ALF Italia

    Extendable Dining Table Heritage High Gloss Veneer Birch

    From £1,883.00

  4. ALF Italia

    Wardrobe Heritage with Mirrored Sliding Doors

    From £4,644.00

  5. ALF Italia

    Large Chest of Drawers Dresser Heritage

    From £1,741.00

  6. ALF Italia

    Display Cabinet Heritage with Glass Door

    From £1,914.00

  7. ALF Italia

    Bedstead Heritage High Gloss Veneer Birch

    From £1,349.00

  8. ALF Italia

    Coffee Table Heritage with Mirrored Top

    From £690.00

18 Items

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