Side tables are one of the most versatile furniture pieces of the home. They can be used in any room and come in designs to suit every interior. Just a quick glance through our collection of designer side tables proves this. Statement side tables provide functional surface space while also adding chic style to your home. Some may come as part of a living room set while others may simply be stand-alone pieces designed to accent and draw attention. In this blog post, we're highlighting 9 of our top side table ideas to make a statement in your home, whatever the design. Read on to find out what styles we've chosen and shop statement side tables for your home...

9 Statement Side Tables To Make An Impact in Your Home

Statement Gold Side Tables
Featured: Drayson Side Table

1. Gold Side Tables

To Add a Pop of Colour to Your Interior

Nothing says statement like gold. We - like many - love gold side tables for their vibrant colour. The metallic finish brings a sense of grandeur and draws the eye in an otherwise neutral living space. If it's the only gold furniture piece in a room, it certainly won't go unnoticed. A classic combo is gold and white marble. Over the past few years, this pairing has become a staple style in contemporary living rooms and bedrooms. However, it's worth noting that side tables with gold finishes are also paired with mirror, glass and stone such as agate. Any of these will demand attention in your interior so make sure whatever is placed on it's surface is just as noteworthy!

Featured: Lydia Side Table in Antique Gold

2. Industrial Style Side Tables

Make An Impact with Striking Metal Frames

When you think industrial interior style, you'll likely imagine a high-rise city apartment or a spacious studio flat. But there is no rule book to interior design. Industrial side tables can be used in any home where a nod to this raw and pared-back style is desired. Black metal is the underlining material of industrial style furniture. It is mostly used as the solid structure of the design in the form of legs or statement base framework. What it's paired with can vary depending on how far you want to take the industrial aesthetic. Wooden surfaces bring a nod of rusticity, while gold and silver finishes add contemporary flair. Often, metal is also paired with metal in a contrasting finish or texture. This heightens the impact and is great if you are looking for one key piece to bring industrial flair to a space.

Statement Modern Side Tables
Featured: Rayan Side Table in Cardamon

3. Modern Side Tables

Statement Side Tables For Up-To-Date Style

Defined by balanced lines and tactile finishes, modern side tables are impactful when used alone but blend seamlessly into a room when incorporated as part of a suite. The finishes are sleek and refined, while glass, mirrored, shagreen and marble surfaces are common. Many modern side tables come as part of a set, offering consoles and coffee tables to match. This is perfect if you are looking for a sophisticated and up-to-date look for your living room. However, if you're seeking just a hint of modern style, select an eye-catching abstract design. This adds statement style and draws attention to an otherwise unused space. As a modern masterpiece, these side tables can compromise on storage in order to achieve an understated look. However, many modern side tables can be found with storage in the form of flush drawers and stylish under-tiers.

Unusual Side Tables
Featured: Stateroom End Table in Petrol

4. Unusual Side Tables

Stand Out Designs For Unique Flair

If you're looking for something truly impactful, then an unusual side table certainly won't go unnoticed. What we love most about these side tables is the sheer variety of interesting designs on the market. From statement geometric frames to innovative takes on modern storage, these extraordinary tables will add personality to your home. In the modern day, it's easy to fall into the habit of following the trends and settling for the popular styles that everyone else has got in their home. But if you want something truly unique and you're drawn to an unusual design, we say go for it! If you're a maximalist, style these statement side tables within your interior scheme. Alternatively, style alone to bring interest to a plain corner of the home such as under the stairs, an empty alcove or on the landing.

Silver Side Tables
Featured: Sutton Side Table in Silver

5. Silver Side Tables

A Metallic Effect With A More Understated Feel

Next in our list are silver side tables. These statement side tables have a similar presence as a gold side table. They offer the same metallic finish but with a lot less vibrancy. In an interior setting, silver is used to draw attention and add luxury while tying elements of a space together. So where gold adds a pop of colour, silver brings the tone down and draws attention without overshadowing other talking points of an interior. Better still, silver side tables are highly versatile. A bolder impact can be created by selecting an unusual statement design that's silver from top to bottom, while a more muted finish is achieved by selecting a side table with silver finish details.

Mid-Century Side Tables
Featured: Brent Side Table

6. Mid-Century Side Tables

Statement Side Tables For Retro Style

Mid-century side tables are recognised for their simplistic designs. Despite this, they really make an impact; particularly so in a modern interior scheme. The angular and tapering forms bring sleek retro style to a space. These tables are generally characterised by dark wood finishes such as walnut. But they are often combined with up-to-date colours and materials such as marble and leather to create mid-century modern side tables. The mid-century modern design movement is very popular at the moment and has been growing in popularity over a number of years. Perhaps it's today's modern pop culture or the multitude of TV series based in the mid 20th century that's brought the trend back. Whatever the cause, mid-century style is here to stay and we're loving it.

Statement Marble Top Side Tables
Featured: Dagenham Side Table

7. Marble Top Side Tables

Sleek Marble Surfaces To Suit Any Home

Next up, we're talking marble. Sleek and sophisticated, marble side tables work in everyday and luxury interiors alike. Whether the marble is black, grey or white, this beautiful stone gives a tactile visual texture with a glossy appearance that's sleek to the touch. Marble top side tables are also highly versatile as they are paired with finishes to meet the requirements of varying interior styles. Black metal bases bring industrial flair, while polished silver finishes imbue contemporary glamour. Gold and brushed brass metalwork nod to more timeless styles. If you're on a budget, there are many marble effect side tables on the market which give that gorgeous marbling texture at a fraction of the price.

Statement Mirrored Side Tables
Featured: Naunton Side Table in Silver

8. Mirrored Side Tables

The Illusion of Light & Playful Dimension

Mirrored side tables will work in just about any interior setting. They have the same effect in a room as wall mirrors - bouncing light and creating the illusion of space. Mirror top side tables are a great way to draw attention to selected home accessories and decor. Try placing a tall vase on a mirrored side table and notice the depth and playful dimension it creates. Alternatively, position a colourful bouquet of flowers on a mirrored surface to make a statement of the colours in a neutral interior. For the most striking effect, we'd recommend choosing a mirror top side table with a gold, brass or silver finish to enhance the impact with a flourish of metallic.

Statement Sofa Side Tables
Featured: Westminster Magazine Rack Table

9. Sofa Side Tables

Statement Side Tables with Magazine Storage

Part surface, part storage, sofa side tables are great space savers for small living rooms. And while they provide storage, it's not in the usual way. The magazine table is made with a leather hammock-type design that's perfect for housing magazines, books and the TV remote close to the sofa side. A similar design is the C-shaped sofa table (aka. the supper table). This side table has an open, cantilever design that can be pulled tight to the sofa, overhanging the seat if it is tall enough. This makes this style particularly useful for TV dinners, puzzles or craft work. While sofa side tables are ideal for the living room, there is no reason why they couldn't also be used at the bedside. With their depth of texture, marble surfaces bring a sleek and luxurious feel to magazine tables, especially when paired with polished metal framework.

Zina Side Table with Magazine Storage

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