Amp up the glam and give a firm nod to a key trend of the season: Gothic Romance. This interior design trend sees romanticism meets jewel tones, damask, velvet and candle light, with a moody twist. The key to nailing the trend is dramatic elegance - don't be afraid to choose a ramped-up statement piece, and offset the opulence with more subdued complimenting accessories and furniture. A carved mirror, a decadent lamp or a rich burgundy sofa can all lend themselves well to being that statement focal point that your theme centres around.

If you're still feeling nervous, you can even achieve a hint of gothica with a well chosen wall colour combination, to create a sense of deep, warm luxury, even with relatively simple furniture choices. Rich chocolates, terracottas brimming with heat and sensual plums and crimsons can surprise you - and change the whole dynamic of your room. Wallpaper is also a simple yet impactful of adding a Victorian gothic element to your space. A sumptuous damask adds depth and texture in a design that has stood the test of time and fashion (which is no mean feat!).

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