Here we are yet again at the precipice of a new year and starting to think about – dare we say it – Christmas! But before the fun and festivities begin, we’ve kick-started the seasonal shift with a look into this year’s autumn winter interior trends 2019.

This year, we’re keeping things simple by doing two things: 1 - pinpointing just four of our home interior trend favourites; and 2 - focussing primarily on home accessories. Sometimes a complete overhaul of your entire interior scheme just isn't necessary (or what you want just before Christmas). Explore the article below to find out which 2019 interior trends we've chosen and how you can recreate each trend in your home with just a few simple design swaps…


Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2019 - Warm Neutrals

Pictured: Lifestyle setting by Libra (left), Heathfield Fern Table Lamp in Khaki (centre), Richmond Kensington Dining Table (right)

Warm Neutrals (with a hint of metallic)

A Cosy & Eco-inspired Space

Our first home decor trend for 2019 evokes a hospitable and tempting warmth. With the desire to live a more sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle ever-growing, this interior style places great value in design choices that withstand the test of time. The Warm Neutrals trend embraces the raw and organic colours of nature, layering with bronze and dark gold metallics to create a richly sophisticated palette. The overall effect brings a sense of luxury to a space, evoking feelings of comfort and relaxation. This interior trend will work particularly well in living rooms and bedrooms to create a cosy and contented feel.

Organic Materials Meet Bronze & Gold

If you don’t have a neutral canvas already, you can easily create one using one of Farrow and Ball’s neutral paint colours or establishing a warm base using two-toned rugs such as the Sky by Calligaris. However, the Warm Neutrals trend is one that needn’t see an overhaul of your existing interior scheme. Accessorising with bronze toned accessories such as the Libra Taurus Clock or the Fern Table Lamp (pictured above) create a stylish contrast of texture and reflection when placed within neutral schemes. Alongside this, embrace organic tones and earthy materials through accessories such as these Authentic Models bowls. Use unfinished metallics to bring a natural rusticity to the trend. Pair textured glass with cast metals and marble surfaces to create an alluring display of sheen and finish.


Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2019 - Soft Minimalism

Pictured: Lifestyle setting by Libra (left), Parlane Jellyfish Paperweight & Mirrored Tray (centre), Theodore Alexander Floyd Pendant Light, TA Studio Seymour Dining Chair & Adley Round Dining Table (right)

Soft Minimalism

Neutral & Nude Shades

The Soft Minimalism trend takes a leaf out of the Warm Neutral book but with a lighter and fresher feel. Nude shades nod to the pink and gold trend of this time last year, whilst neutral upholstery and comfortable furnishings are reminiscent of this year's hygee-infused home comforts trend. Pastel tones are a great choice to recreate the trend in your own home, especially when paired with richer shades such as brushed brass and smoke glass. This autumn winter interior trend seeks sophistication and subtlety to create stylish interior spaces that retain their minimalistic status.

Contrast with Smoke Glass & Soft Greys

Looking to light, neutral colours provides a great basis for this trend. From here, seek a delicate colour palette. Blush and nude tones from accessories like the Parlane Leora Candle Holder and our Pavilion Chic Terrazz Pastel Canvas Art sit effortlessly within this trend. Next, incorporate smoke and grey tones. Calvin Klein's Loom Rug offers stunning visual texture with its varying pile heights, whilst it's geometric pattern adds modern twist. Complete the look with elements of smoke glass like Heathfield's Alette Wall Light and the Molten Vase by LSA. However, although this trend thrives on minimalism, don't feel limited to solely home accessory changes. Should you wish to take the Soft Minimalism trend a step further, the contrast of upholstery and legwork of Duresta's Lincoln Armchair is both smart and modish. Alternatively, why not add a splash of nude to a feature wall using Farrow and Ball's Dead Salmon No. 28?


Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2019 - Autumn Safari

Pictured: Parlane Three Wise Monkeys Gold & Genova Photo Frame (left), Pavilion Chic Large Safari Cushion (centre), Parlane Leaf Tealight Holder & Sunrise Vase (right)

Autumn Safari

Discover Your Wild Side

In contrast to our two previous autumn winter interior trends 2019, Autumn Safari sees a much bolder approach to interior design. Some of our newest home accessory additions demonstrate the diversity of the safari interior trend. Seek out auburn and mustard hues commonly associated with autumn and contrast with dark greens, blues and vibrant golds alongside anything exotic or wild animal – from giraffe prints to magnificent lion figures!

Blend in Exotic & Autumnal Tones

We love this trend, not just for its vibrancy of colour, but also for its variation of designs. From wild animal print cushions like Libra's Giraffe Cushion and our Pavilion Chic Safari (pictured above) to decorative animal clothes hooks and Parlane's Duck Foot Candlesticks, the Autumn Safari trend can be incorporated into your home in just about any way that takes your fancy. However, just because it's a safari trend, this doesn't mean you have to dress your interior with an array of leopard prints and elephant ornaments (although we do adore this charming elephant pair). To make the most of this trend, choose some of your favourite safari animal pieces and then accessorise with autumnal toned accessories. Fluffy mustard throws such as the Snug add an instant burst of colour to sofas, chairs and bedsteads, whilst golden and orange vases like Parlane's Morgan and the Sunrise (pictured above) replicate the natural shades of the season.


Autumn Winter Interior Trends 2019 - Blue to Beat the Blues

Pictured: Nourison Prismatic Rug (left), LSA Inza Lantern/Vase (centre), Pavilion Chic Moray Pleated Blanket (right)

Blue To Beat The Blues

Accessorise With Blue For Warmth

We know blue is not always the first choice when it comes to autumn winter interior design colour trends. With the cold weather beginning to set in, the cooler hues of blue can often make interiors feel cold and uninviting – especially if your home is older, period or more traditional in style. But this autumn, we're predicting that the blue decorating trend is actually going to inject a sense of warmth into our homes! Hear us out. Like with the other autumn winter interior trends 2019, the key here is not to overhaul your interior with blue, but to instead accessorise with blues of varying hues and shades.

Keep It Simple

Our favourite thing about the blue interior trend is it's diversity of design. Team with white to evoke feelings of a Grecian villa in the height of midsummer or incorporate amongst your soft furnishings for a subtle touch of colour. The washed look of Nourison's Prismatic Rug (pictured above) demonstrates how to pull off this trend in the autumn winter season. The blue hues are not too overpowering or cold, creating a fluid appearance alongside the grey tones to replicate the waves of the sea. Keep this trend simple by choosing wall decor in blue tones such as Libra's Smarty Wall Clock and our Adonis Crystal Wave Canvas Artwork. For an fun and whimsical touch, look to characteristic accessories and ornaments such as this blue racer car by Authentic Models or even our Peter Penguin Doorstop - which will look even more fitting in the run up to Christmas.