We are delighted to now stock British home colour paint and wallpaper powerhouse, Farrow & Ball! Synonymous with a high quality, country-luxe ascetic, we are proud to showcase Farrow & Ball's full and extensive range of award-winning, eco-friendly, coveted paint shades as well as fine wallpapers, expert paint brushes and accessories.

Farrow & Ball New Colours

Since the brands conception in 1940s Dorset, Farrow & Ball have led the home colour market and continue to do so to this day. Classically cool neutrals such as Elephants Breath, Slipper Satin, Pavilion Grey and Wimbourne White have set the tone for innumerable stylish homes, complemented perfectly by iconic daring and bold shades including Rectory Red, St Giles Blue and India Yellow.

Often imitated but never duplicated in pigmentation or finish quality, Farrow & Ball are the ultimate colour tastemakers with a shade offering second to none. This style heritage is contrasted by their current, cutting edge trends for 2015 such as the vivid, lively Breakfast Room Green, the soft, tranquil Light Blue and the deep, artisan Tanners Brown. Even the Farrow & Ball colour names have become legendary in their own right - from the sublime to the wonderfully ridiculous, the naming process is part of the brands British charm and declaring the Farrow & Ball shade of your most recent interior project is a stylistic joy not to be rivalled.

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Light Blue

This silvery blue was so named because it was the lightest blue Farrow & Ball made in its first collection of colours. Light Blue becomes a little more silver in tone when used in shaded areas so is very popular for use on the walls of internal halls, especially when the remainder of the house is painted in cooler, more neutral greys. When used in well lit areas it feels both peaceful and calming, especially when paired with a cool white like Blackened. 

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Pink Ground

This dusty pink started out as a delicate wallpaper background which was often requested as a paint colour. Pink Ground, with its large dose of yellow pigment, now creates the softest blush of colour for a warm and soothing finish that doesn’t feel sugary. Rather than contrasting with a bright white, try pairing with the warmer shade of Great White on the woodwork for a unique look in your home. 

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Tanner's Brown

Our darkest drab is named after the craftsmen who tan the hides and skins used to create leather. Tanner's Brown will read as almost black in lower lighting and is extremely useful to create a slightly softer look when used on the interior of fireplaces. It does, however, become browner in colour within well lit homes and exteriors due to its warm red undertones. 

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Breakfast Room Green

Breakfast Room Green is the most cheerful of all our greens, remaining lively in both bright sunlight or softer candlelight. Named after the usually east facing rooms designed for eating the first meal of the day, it is particularly beautiful in the dawn light. When used alone on both walls and woodwork it becomes incredibly striking. 

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