Discover timeless dining room style as we explore a variety of our best selling dining table sets and why we - and our customers - love them.

Pairing style with day-to-day functionality, the table is the focal point of any dining space, bringing all the components of an interior together. The place for socialising with friends, enjoying drinks at a party, family board games and more, the dining table is for much more than simply dining.

Here at PB HQ, we are conscious that kitchen and dining tables are individual to the homeowner and consequently, are pleased to provide an extensive collection of beautiful designer dining room tables for homes of any taste or aesthetic. But, which is your favourite? We've browsed our showroom and our online catalogue and narrowed it down to five of our best selling dining table sets. Here's what they are and why we - and our customers! - love them...

Cotswold Dining Room Furniture Table and Chairs
Pictured: Cotswold Extending Dining Table, Dining Chairs & Dining Armchair

Cotswold Furniture

A Collection Inspired by our Home that is Perfect for Yours

The Pavilion Broadway story has a firmly rooted Cotswold heritage and for this reason, the captivating warm wood tones and country finishes of Cotswold infused furniture always spark our interest. The Cotswold range pictured above is one of our very best selling dining table sets. Elegantly crafted in brushed mindy ash wood, this extendable dining table evokes hints of French Colonial style with its enchanting natural wood grain and alluring warmth. The chairs are upholstered in a cream linen look fabric to match the soft tones of the ash, their front legs replicating the sophisticated arches of the table framework to absolute precision.

What We Love

What we love most about this dining table set is that there are other pieces in the collection for both living room and bedroom - and even a round dining table if you should prefer - meaning that you can create a complete Cotswold inspired scheme not only in the dining room, but fluidly throughout your home. Moreover, this dining table set is part of our Pavilion Chic collection. This delightful range has been hand-picked by our in-house interior design team for a luxury aesthetic at a desirable price. No wonder the Cotswold collection is so popular!

How To Style

It's the organic beauty and country charm of the Cotswolds that makes this Area of Natural Beauty so iconic. That's why, if you're seeking true Cotswold style, we'd recommend keeping it simple with beauty in the basics. Clear glass, white porcelain and maybe even a floral centrepiece to symbolise a touch of nature. Otherwise, seek accessories with a distinctive country charm to complement the light woods and subtle grain of your Cotswolds inspired aesthetic.

Luxury Interiors Dining Furniture
Pictured: Keeling Dining Table, Dining Chair Della & Shelton Sideboard

Luxury Interiors

Recreate London Boutique Hotel Aesthetic

Quite the contrast to the soft Cotswold tones of the dining table and chairs above, the high-end look of a luxury interior is very much a part of our Pavilion personality. A selection of what are highly regarded as some of our best dining tables in luxe and modern styles can be found readily throughout our Tewkesbury showroom. The TA Studio dining room set above combines a sophisticated contemporary aesthetic with neutral and simplistic forms, providing a beautiful balance of style and comfort. If the backdrop didn't indicate this already, this luxury interior look is very much suited to city living - we can just imagine the exquisite hand-finishes of the woodwork and crisp quality of the upholstered chairs within a highbrow London apartment overlooking the River Thames.

London Style Meets Cotswolds Stone

But this isn't to say that a luxury dining room set is exclusive to city living! In fact, our Interior Design team have proven this with recent projects for clientele seeking a boutique city look within their own Cotswold townhouses. Luxury and modern dining tables and chairs come in all forms at Pavilion Broadway and within a range of desirable price points, so it has never been easier to achieve a luxe, high-end look in your own home (and perhaps for less than you might think).

How To Style

A luxury dining set calls for luxurious tableware! Versace's selection of glasses and porcelain offer some of the most exquisitely decorated plates we have ever set eyes upon, while the golden and regal finishes evoke a sense of grandeur. Whether the centrepiece of your table or located on your sideboard to create an elegant display, style with home accessories in hints of gold to bring your tableware together with other elements of your dining room scheme.

Industrial Dining Room Furniture
Pictured: Hoxton Dining Table, Cooper Dining Chairs & Dining Bench

Industrial Dining

The Must-Have Look

Industrial design seems to be one of those trends that never goes out of style. It lies somewhere between our Cotswold aesthetic and a luxury interior but most importantly thrives on minimalism, exhibiting the organic beauty of bareback and raw materials in their simplest forms. The industrial look proves one of our ever-popular dining table sets, and looking at the Hoxton Dining Table above, we can see why. Whether it sits at the heart of an industrial space or is just used to accent a modern scheme, the sturdy black iron framework of an industrial dining table creates a spectacular focal point, proving that style can't be swept under the table.

Leather Love

Artificial or genuine, leather or leather look upholstery is an excellent choice to accent an industrial space, intertwining the dining room table and chairs together by harnessing the beauty of the environment and the natural world.

How To Style

Choose home accessories and tableware to match the industrial aesthetic of your dining table set. Metal accessories are a welcome addition at the industrial dining table but you can also add rusticity with platters made from wood or even slate. Accent your interior scheme with some green foliage but make sure not to overdo it - just one or two pieces will work most effectively here.

Dining Room Scandinavian Design
Pictured: Nordic Dining Table & Dining Bench

Scandinavian Design

Embody Hygge

Minimalist living demands a dining table that complements the heart-warming tones of its interior surroundings. Light coloured woods and simple design structures inspired by Scandinavian furniture styles are an ideal choice for a simply styled dining room set, where less is most certainly more. Scandinavian style - or Scandi, for short - works effortlessly alongside the Danish concept of 'hygge' (which we explain more about here in our 2019 Home Comforts Trend). This movement embraces serenity, comfort and well-being, envisaging a lifestyle that thrives on minimalism and combats complexity! 

Masters in Minimal Design

The Scandinavian infused dining table set uses soft neutral and taupe tones across simplistic forms to achieve the minimalistic expectations that hygge desires and is perfect for those seeking to create a comfortable and relaxed no-fuss dining space. If the inviting tone of the Nordic collection above doesn't fill you with feelings of relaxation and contentment, then we don't know what will! Just envisage yourself sitting at the dining table with friends enjoying a late afternoon dinner, sheltered from the summer rain falling outside...

How To Style

Keep styling minimal by looking to neutral tones and shades inspired by the outdoors. Natural materials are highly suitable for the scandi-inspired interior due to their rustic and distressed appearance. The main thing with scandi style is to keep things simple. Add hints of colour here and there using fresh and artificial foliage but otherwise stick to neutrals or soft greys. Adding a cushion or blanket to chairs or benches will add an touch of comfort and instill a sense of hygge.

Grey Dining Tables and Chairs
Pictured: Ely Dining Table & Belvedere Dining Chairs

Grey Dining Room Glam

The Ely Collection

The definition of 'glam', the luscious tones and seemingly iridescent finishes of the dining set above are spectacular. The Ely Dining Table is one of our customer favourites for quite simply two reasons: one - the beautiful silver grey tones of the marble surface speak for itself (and is also available from the collection in a glossy cream tone finish); and two - like the Cotswold dining set above, the Ely is part of our Pavilion Chic range, meaning that it comes in at a desirable designer price! 

Polished & Pristine 

This sophisticated dining room set nods to contemporary style with its comfortable button back upholstered chairs and nickel studding, but the addition of polished and lacquered finishes creates a glamorous high-end appearance that refuses to be ignored. A boutique look that you'd perhaps more commonly see in the likes of a luxury hotel or city apartment, the dining set above proves that a stylish and sophisticated dining room look can be achieved in your very own home. We adore the lustrous finishes and unusual shapes alongside the soft greys of this dining table set because it can sit at the forefront of a room to add life and excitement to interiors built upon a blank canvas.

How To Style

Highly polished finishes and tableware that evokes a sense of grandeur is the way to go with decor here. Silver and chrome tones look particularly striking within this dining set, matching the luscious tones and glossy finishes of other pieces in your dining room.