Does your bedroom desire a much-needed update? We explore four on-trend bedroom decorating ideas, taking inspiration from interiors created by some of our favourite home decor bloggers.
Decorating your bedroom and styling its interior can be one of the most creative ways to get inventive with your interior design ideas. You may desire something a little more muted for communal areas such as living rooms, kitchens and dining spaces. But your own bedroom – or the seldom used guest bedroom – provides the perfect place to be imaginative with interior colours, textures and style. On the other hand, perhaps you’d prefer something a little more minimalistic. A comfortable hideaway with a cosy atmosphere in which to kick back, relax and sleep soundly. Whatever your taste, we’ve compiled together a few simple bedroom decorating ideas, inspired by some of our favourite home decor blogs. Read on to find out why we love them...

Casual Contemporary Interior Design

Casual Contemporary

Glamour Meets Comfort with Spectacular Fashion

Magnificently modern and up-to-date, the neutral tones of the contemporary bedroom offer a smart and polished look. This style has an inviting air about it that is certain to entice its occupants into bed early. My First Home by Claire executes the contemporary bedroom beautifully. Her interior encompasses a palette of cool greys and crisp white tones yet maintains a welcoming warmth. The soft furnishings and upholstered headboard are reminiscent of this year’s hygge-inspired home comforts trend. The casual contemporary bedroom creates a sumptuously cosy and relaxed space which is equally as glamourous.

Bold and Exotic

Bold & Exotic

Move Over Minimalism! A Look For The Daring & Distinctive

Home design blogger Nicola Broughton aka. "The Girl with the Green Sofa" is a self-confessed maximalist. Quite simply, this means that when it comes to interior design, she seeks the opposite of minimalism. Bold colours, unusual textures and extreme interior spaces are all part of her home’s personality. We’re particularly in love with her bedroom which boasts emerald green walls, vibrant yellow upholstery and a wealth of exotic pattern and plants. Matched with earthy wooden furniture and eclectic accessories, the stark contrast of bold hues creates an exciting and enticing canvas. Exploring rich colour and sumptuous texture, Nicola’s style provides perfect inspo for those seeking a bedroom that dares to be bold.

Modern Bedroom inspired by Blossoming Birds

Modern & Minimalistic

The Neat, No-Fuss Approach That Values Simplicity

Stemming from the contemporary bedroom comes a refreshing space that takes pride in its simplicity of colour and style. Something of a blank canvas, the minimalist bedroom sees a cooler feel. Rather than the soft grey and cream undertones of more contemporary style, minimalism considers subtlety and balance. The ash wood tones of our Cotswold collection create an impeccable space when paired with crisp white bedding, decor and lampshades. The modern minimalist bedroom thrives on an understated style with a no-fuss attitude. Style with monochromatic toned furniture like life and home blogger Blossoming Birds to add touches of colour. Alternatively, incorporate a chest of drawers, wardrobe and dressing table from bedroom sets like the Cotswold for a simple bedroom scheme.

Bohemian Interiors inspired by Sharlene Kayne


A Sense of Excitement & Adventure Encompasses the Bohemian Style Bedroom

The bohemian bedroom sees a fusion of styles and can be envisaged in a variety of ways. Sharlene Kayne's (skaynedesigns) bedroom embraces bright tones of burnt orange across a plain white canvas with Greek inspired undertones. Reminiscent of last year’s 70s maple trend, we love the characteristic European villa vibe she has channelled and brought to life with bohemian flair. Meanwhile, Marit (styledbymarit) uses softer orange almost peachy tones across her bedroom interior. When teamed with rattan textures, a more rustic boho look is created, infused with the spirit of Mother Nature. At the other end of the scale, there's Cynthia (cynthia_harper). She proves that bohemian can be incorporated into a more modern interior scheme. Her choice of a dark feature wall creates a dramatic focal point, highlighting subtle textures that echo a chic bohemian vibe.