Designer Room Dividers & Folding Partitions

Be it for functional or decorative use, designer room dividers are a timeless furnishing piece for the modern home. Originating from ancient China, folding divider screens were traditionally made in wood and decorated with authentic hand-painted motifs, depicting intricate scenes of regal palace life, mythology and nature. In the modern day, designer room dividers are more than just a piece of furniture, most commonly used for decoration, where they can be placed parallel to an interior wall to create instant direction and dimension. Highly purposeful in the bigger home, use designer room dividers in large interiors to construct innovative partitions between space for a period feel of privacy. Equally as beautiful in the bedroom as they are in the living room, our free-standing folding divider screens are available in a variety of styles for the modern, timeless and minimalist interior. Whether you're seeking something iconic to create an impact or simply some designer room divider ideas, explore our curated collection below from the likes of furniture brands such as Eichholtz and Jonathan Charles.


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