Artificial Flowers

SIA represent the ultimate in home fashion and quality floral decorations. Our wide selection will enable you to create the perfect display within your room setting, whether you desire a finishing touch, or an elaborate centrepiece.  SIA brings the renowned designs of Jean-Marc Gady to life, which all take inspiration from the natural cycle of the seasons. SIA itself stands for the initials of its founder Sonja Ingegerd Andersson, who started the fairytale in her very own kitchen in 1963.

Sonja first began creating her famous handmade flowers with silk paper, which immediately became a magnificent success. For a company that was born from a raw and spectacular talent, it is unsurprising that creativity is, and continues to be, a cornerstone of SIA’s history. After numerous orders were made for Sonja’s famous creations, her house quickly transformed into a workshop within which the entire village helped her to cut and fold her colourful faux flowers, ready to dispatch.

Due to the excessive demand, Sonja dedicated her whole house to SIA creations and was then able to develop new designs of vases, photo frames, batiks, tableware, decorative accessories, candle holders and much more. Today, SIA Home Fashion is an international company that operates within five continents. This enchanting success story is a tribute to the spectacular designs within this range, which are brought to life with only the best quality materials. In particular, SIA faux flowers are reputed all over the world for their quality and elegance. SIA’s floral arrangements are available in seasonal designs as well as timeless English classics, and your guests will remain positive that your centrepiece is a freshly picked bunch. 

The homemade origin of this brand is a signature of each design, which all possess their own individual charm. This makes all SIA home accessories ideal to be given as a gift to remember. The undisputed quality of SIA products ensure they will grace your home for decades to come. View Pavilion Broadway’s selection of some of our favourite SIA products, which we feel symphonise perfectly with our collection of fine furniture. Keep in with the seasons and enhance your existing setting by investing in a few key accessories from our range. We stock faux stems and foliage, candles, candle holders, photo frames and vases. 

Each year, SIA thrives at creating four extensive and inspirational selections of seasonal home décor and developing a collection of faux flowers replicating the stems of that season. For a limited time only, why not take a browse through our SIA Winter and Christmas Collection, featuring baubles and seasonal gifts to die for. Why not warm up a loved ones home with a token of festive love!

Artificial flowers add the perfect finishing flourish to your interior! Whatever your interior style, from traditional to contemporary, with our vast selection of artificial flowers ranging from single stems to bouquets; stems arranged in still water to bespoke flowers arrangements; we are confident you will find your perfect faux flower arrangement. We have a huge selection of single stems, with over 100 varieties to choose from including all the traditional garden-favourites; hydrangea, roses, peonies and many more. Our selection of potted orchids is the perfect fit for more contemporary interiors and if you want to make sure your home has that genuine 'fresh flower look', follow our monthly edits on the must-have blooms for the month. Finally, if you would like a bespoke flower arrangement created - either for your home, if you are an interior designer or planning a wedding, please get in touch with our floral designer Jane who will be happy to create something really special just for you.