Artificial Flowers

Artificial flowers add the perfect finishing flourish to your interior. Whatever your interior style, from traditional to contemporary, with our vast selection of artificial flowers ranging from single stems to bouquets; stems arranged in still water to bespoke flowers arrangements; we are confident you will find your perfect faux flower arrangement. We have a huge selection of single stems, with over 100 varieties to choose from including all the traditional garden-favourites; hydrangea, roses, peonies and many more. Our selection of potted orchids is the perfect fit for more contemporary interiors and if you want to make sure your home has that genuine 'fresh flower look', follow our monthly edits on the must-have blooms for the month. Finally, if you would like a bespoke flower arrangement created - either for your home, if you are an interior designer or planning a wedding, please get in touch with our floral designer Jane who will be happy to create something really special just for you.

Artificial flowers are fast-becoming a permanent feature of home décor, admired and loved from season to season! Shop over a thousand luxurious blooms from Sia Flowers, Pavilion Flowers & Peony within our carefully curated faux flower collection. Over the last few years we have be scouring the market for only the very finest artificial flowers. Our collections are so realistic that when put to the test they are almost indistinguishable from the real thing! In particular, our Sia Flowers are handmade, hand painted and hand arranged in ways that are just not possible by machine, making them the finest available.

We love the way faux flowers can transform a room so much, we even have our own brand 'Pavilion Flowers', which again are of the utmost quality and will be sure to fool even the most botanical of your friends. With new clever touches such as waterproof stems and a variety of floral scents, we know you will find the perfect arrangement within our collections. Artificial flowers are changing the way we dress our room. Whilst real flower arrangements are beautiful, their beauty is short-lived. Artificial flowers require very little maintenance, look just as good as the real thing and can be brought to life with scents specifically designed for use with artificial flowers and simply the addition of water to glass vases!

With undisputed quality at the heart of Pavilion Broadway, we source only the most beautifully made, realistic stems and add new stems each season. As well as our online department, we also have a dedicated faux flower showroom located in Broadway, where our floral designer, Jane, can offer advice on flower arranging or be commissioned for a specific project. Whether you’d like to make your memories of a special occasion everlasting with artificial flowers, or just fancy getting creative with a pick and mix of individual stems, we have something to suit everyone at Pavilion Broadway. Shop our entire collection, from structural orchids to delicate hydrangeas, pretty roses to opulent peonies.